13 Ways to Wear Red Tights

I love tights, especially in black. But this season, I'm feeling like the bolder colors are calling to me. Like red. From bright cherry to rich bordeaux, red tights are a bold statement that can be tricky to dress around. I have a pair of red tights begging to be worn, but I needed to do a little digging around on Pinterest for style inspiration first. So without further ado, here are twelve (thirteen counting the above photo) fashionable ways to wear red tights in the fall.

Are you brave enough to go bold with some red tights? What's your favorite way to style them?

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to go wrong with red tights and a black dress; a black top with a white skirt and red tights really makes for a bold, eye-catching statement, too! Black or white mary jane heels compliment such an outfit really well.