Before & After Shots | Decorating My Bedroom

I've had a few of you readers request seeing some "Before and After" photos of my bedroom, without having to dig back through the blog archives. So here you go! Above, you'll see my bed the week I moved in. It was the solo piece of furniture I had for a while... so I used my radiator for my laptop. Now, my bed is all dressed up in its floral quilt, floral pillow, and burlap pillows. Color swatches hang over the bed until I get my headboard from my parents' place. And I have actual pieces of furniture like a nightstand and cart!

I immediately struggled about what to do with the awkward shelf in the corner of my bedroom. It's screwed into the wall and was put there by my landlord. Since I rent, I can't paint it or take it down. For a while, my bed was under it. And I started to loathe looking up at the hideous thing. Now, I've moved my bed across the room and placed a dresser under the shelf. I use the shelf for heels and pumps up above. On the rack, I hang pretty clothes I like to have handy and my scarves. Since all my jewelry is on that dresser top, this little corner and its shelf have become a sort of "getting around" spot.

In the "Before" shot, you'll see how truly bare my space was without furniture. I had to turn a hamper upside down as a makeshift television so that I could occupy my time at night... without any furniture to move around or decor/accessories to put out. As I started unpacking and placing furniture, a bunch of boxes and junk got shoved into the closet in my bedroom. The "Progress" photo doesn't even show how bad the accumulation got. And now, I've turned the closet into a writing/reading nook and decorated the wall over my desk with removable wallpaper.

Voila! Since my bedroom is pretty much complete except for minor details, I'll be starting in on my bathroom and living room / kitchen. 

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