Style Help | What should I wear with an orange dress?

I don't usually kiss and tell, but thanks to a little smooch on das boot (see left) and the 90 Facebook likes (thank you to everyone who gave me a like!) that followed... I won a ticket to BrewNost, a fantastic beer tasting even held at a local Czech museum. I'm so excited, but I don't know what to wear!

Recently, I scored an orange dress on clearance at Target. It was too cute, too comfy, and too clearance-priced to pass up. I'd love to wear it tonight, but I'm at a loss on how to style it. I think a dressy-casual look for the event would be best. No to heels, too much glitzy jewelry, and anything too formal. Yes to cute accessories, cinching belts, pretty makeup, and a fabulous dress.

But... orange?! It's tricky. And I don't want to look Halloweeny just yet. I'd love to get your suggestions on what to wear with the dress. Keep in mind that I'm in Iowa and the autumn nights are nice but getting slightly chilly. So tights and something on my arms (a jacket or cardigan) are most welcome. So are scarves, which I have plenty of. ;)

Feel free to leave your advice in a comment below or even create a Polyvore set showcasing how you would style the dress. The above dress isn't the exact dress I bought (I couldn't find an image of it online) but it's very, very similar.

I'd much appreciate makeup advice, too, since I rarely wear orange so close to my face! Haha.

Alright, fashionistas... Ready, set, go!

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