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The low, sleek profile of this bed makes the ceilings look even taller than they are. All the white lets the little details take center stage: the vintage lamp on the right, the turquoise night stand to the left, the simple but chic pendant hanging up above, and the sharp contrast of thin, modern black frames. 

I'm oh so very smitten with the double sink here. So unique, so industrial, and so shiny. The metal is perfectly balanced out with all the white, rustic accents like the ladder, colorful works of art, and pops of color in the artwork, turquoise jars, and books. This eclectic style is right up my alley.

Yellow is an increasingly favored color of mine, especially when it boldly leans toward the goldenrod hue. I love how it pops in this vintage-made-modern space. While all of the rest of the room is serene white accented with soft blue, beige, and a sprinkling of green, the yellow-painted antique dresser steals the show.

Two of my favorite things in one place: deer and books. Need I say more?

While beautiful exposed brick makes me weak in the knees, I do have to say that brick painted white has its own appeal. I love how it lends a rugged masculinity to the crisp glamour of the trim. Just enough contrast without being too much. Plus, it lets the gorgeous hardwood floors get some much-deserved attention amid all that white.

There's so much that I adore about this kitchen. First, the white cabinets. I can't imagine how hard they are to keep so pristine and white, but I like to imagine myself with a white cabinet kitchen. The wire baskets up top for storage are flawless. The wallpaper is adorable. The dishwasher gives off a nice, soft gleam. And of course, the pops of color! That yellow is a great shade and I'm in love with the idea of opening my cupboards to see turquoise highlighting crisp white dinnerware. This little kitchen corner really makes me swoon.

Which is your favorite?

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