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Sick Day: Thankful for Tea, Soup, Blankets, and Gone with the Wind


Nothing like starting your Thanskgiving Break early – except starting it by being sick. :( After being up all night, getting maybe two hours of sleep (during which I chilled and fevered), then waking with a horrible headache and all-over body ache, I thought it best to stay home today and get some rest. I'm looking forward to a four-day weekend visiting family with my boyfriend, so I hopefully I snap out of this by tomorrow. 

Turns out that despite how tired and achy I am, I just can't sleep the whole day away like I used to. So after a nice nap and a bit of light cleanup, I brewed a cup of tea and plopped down here in front of the computer to blog. I decided to round up my sick day essentials. For me, the worst part of being sick is not being able to go anywhere. I get stir-crazy really fast, but yet don't feel up for even a grocery store trip for milk for my tea. God forbid I run out of toilet paper or tissues. My challenge is trying to stay occupied and comfortable.

I'm really thankful that I almost always have tea and soup on hand. Actually, I always have tea – I don't recall ever in my life having ran out of tea. On sick days, I prefer herbal teas because they're naturally caffeine free. And caffeine is just not something I want to soak up when I'm trying to relax and get better. Today, I'm sipping Twining's orange and cinnamon spice. Later, it might be the raspberry pomegranate herbal tea.

So this is what my day looks like: tea, blankets, couch, AMC's all-day/all-night Gone with the Wind marathon, and looking out the windows. (Except for the wine on the coffee table. That's from last week, I just wanted to show off the cute little snowflake pillow I got at Target for $3.) And oh! That's right! I submitted my request to my landlord and he took down the thick, opaque plastic from the window exteriors. While I'm away for the weekend, he'll be putting clear plastic on the inside of the windows. I'm really pleased with how it all turned out. Not being able to see out my windows was giving me a serious case of cabin fever.

I'm feeling better than last night and this morning, but not as good as I hope to be feeling tomorrow. 

Who has exciting Thanksgiving plans? Seeing anyone or going anywhere special?

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