Dress Like Bonnie | Fashion Inspiration from the Bonnie & Clyde TV Mini-Series

For those of you who also tuned into Lifetime, A&E, or The History Channel for the new, two-part television mini-series Bonnie & Clyde – were you as obsessed with Bonnie's clothes as I was?! What a great time for women's fashion. While the flapper silhouettes of the Roaring 20's were still hanging around, the following decade saw the return of nipped in waists and feminine curves. (That's something to not be depressed about!) I also adored Bonnie's softly curled hairstyles and many shades of red lipstick and nail polish. 1930's style was truly glamorous in a fresh, simple way.

The mini-series itself was fantastic. (Heck, I'm even writing this blog post with a lingering Texas accent.) It was an intriguing and tragic glimpse into one of America's most famous love stories. And after looking up some actual photographs of Bonnie and Clyde, I'm quite impressed with the costumes and how the 2-network special presentation nailed it.

Inspired by the many costumes of Bonnie Parker (played by Holliday Grainger), I put together some modern takes on her style. Here's to hoping for a comeback of tailored silhouettes, fishtail skirts, t-strap pumps, buttoned-up blouses, chic berets, and the ever-classic red nail polish and red lipstick combination.






It just goes to show that red lipstick can truly be worn with any other color  from green to coral to gold. Which of these Bonnie-inspired looks would you wear? The gold skirt and flouncy black blouse is definitely my favorite pairing. 

(For sources on where to buy the items used in these sets, please visit my Polyvore.)

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Unknown said...

Absolutely love the styles!

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