Restoration of a Victorian House in my Neighborhood (aka A Sneak Peek Into My Dream House)

When I moved into my apartment on the second floor of an old Victorian house, I fell in love with the surrounding Cedar Rapids neighborhood full of beautiful turn-of-the-century homes – some in sorry shape, some in okay shape (like mine), and a handful of breathtaking homes that had been kept up or restored. Located a block away, this house is one of those stately beauties that has been lovingly restored. 

I drive past it every day. I saw a man working on the house all summer long. I adored seeing the progress that took place from one week to the next. And I've always wondered about the history and the interior of the home. Thanks to a local nonprofit Save CR Heritage, I now know a little more about the "Queen on the Hill" and the man who has restored her to her former glory.

I hate to see older homes that have become run down and dilapidated, but it's not an uncommon siting. I see those worn and weary houses and can only imagine what they could be. This is truly one of my "dream houses." If money and time were no option, I would want to buy a big old Victorian house and restore it. Until then, I'll just admire the work that others are able to do. It warms my heart so much to see a beautiful piece of architecture, a home to many generations, and a piece of local history preserved.

The article states that the interior of the house has been divided into the several units. I would LOVE to rent a unit here. My antiques, old books, and typewriters would feel right at home. And I'd be surrounded by the history and charm that I find so inspiring and comforting. I have no idea if – when the units go on the market – Id be able to afford such a beautiful place on a young professional's just-starting-out budget. But a girl can dream, right?

Whenever I drive past, I slow down so that I can glimpse this red floral wallpaper through the windows. It appeared to me that the red wallpaper wrapped around the grand staircase of the house. Looking through the photos in Save CR Heritage's article, I see that I was right. I'm downright swooning over an up-close look at this wallpaper – and the stained glass window!

I'm so impressed with what Mr. Cardis has done – and so thankful for this piece of Cedar Rapids heritage being so beautiful restored. For years, weary old homes fall to the wayside. But once in a while, one is saved. And that's a wonderful thing.

If Victorian houses and restoration piques your interest – as it does me – check out the Saving CR Heritage's full article for the full story and many more photos of this Victorian beauty.

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