10 Inspiring Home Office Spaces for Your Apartment or Dorm

dottie angel
 I never get tired of looking at work spaces. These places that people create, write, be productive. And each desk space is as unique as its user. My little office space is a corner of my bedroom. While I daydream about the idea of someday having my own office, I'd still want it to be a small, cozy nook. Whether you use your desk for homework, working at home, blogging, designing, or something else – you're sure to reap some inspiration from this eclectic roundup of desk spaces. 

Above, I love the vintage metal desk, sleek white chair, and array of prints on the wall. The muted colors and vintage feel is so lovely.

Country Living
While this desk may be too small to actually spread out and do lots of work, it had me at first glance with that typewriter. Plus, I love the old bed frame re-purposed as a bulletin board.

Jenny Komenda
These bookcases are gorgeous. I like the crisp white in contrast with the elaborate rug.

Half Asleep Studio
A cheerful yellow chair, graphic black and white rug, and adorable art make this one of the happiest, prettiest workspaces I've ever laid eyes on.

Wood and Wool Stool
Orange is supposed to inspire creativity – so with orange details strewn about this eclectic, cottage-style room, I predict a lot of creativity going on. (Love that ampersand!) 

At Home in Love
Tucked away in the corner, this little workspace is still big on style. I'm still longing for a ghost chair of my own. 

At Home in Love
Ooooh. I love when industrial meets modern meets vintage. Plus, the pegboard and metal racks are ingenious alternatives to typical cork board and bookshelves. 

At Home in Love
I'm really smitten with the idea of tossing my desk aside and bringing in a small, round dining table. This desk space is feminine, chic, and so organized. Love it.

The Style Files
I like the "flea market chic" elements going on in this white office space – the rug, the vintage suitcases, the rustic wood against crisp white, the eclectic mix of art.

At Home in Love
I'd love to have a big dining table to use as my work desk.

Which desk space would you like to call your own?

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