Boost Your Brain with Mental Mojo: Back-to-Campus & Off-to-the-Office

With the relaxing holidays behind us, it's time to get back into the swing of things. Whether you're starting a brand new semester or just trying to readjust yourself to the daily grind of the office, alertness and energy are of the utmost importance. Maybe you get your focus-fix with coffee – and then (like me) spend the day making trips to the java bar. Perhaps energy drinks are your go-to, though they're too sweet, unhealthy, and crash-prone. But what if you could get a long-lasting boost of energy, focus, and alertness by simply adding something natural to your hydrating bottle of water.

Meet Mental Mojo. Mental Mojo is "rocket fuel for your brain," which comes in convenient stick packs that you add to a 16 oz. bottle of water. Shake it, drink it, and get to work. The power comes from a blend of 100% natural brain boosting nootropics and energizing amino acid / vitamin complexes. It goes beyond just boosting your alertness (which coffee and energy drinks easily accomplish) and also fosters focus to put get you "in the zone" and keep you there.

Mental Mojo is owned and operated by three Arizona State alums. While in college, they recognized a serious need for a cognitive enhancement product for students and professionals. Too often they saw their peers turn to Adderall and other prescription drugs to get an extra edge. Since those methods are neither viable nor ethical, they set about to creating a better solution. After two years of designing and tweaking , Mental Mojo was ready.

My Mental Mojo!
The good folks at Mental Mojo sent some samples my way. At my web copywriting / editing job, I sit at a desk for 8 hours. While I'm definitely a morning person, I still need things to keep me perked up throughout the day. Getting sleepy might mean missing a typo, misspelling a word, or drooling on my keyboard. (Ok, the drooling has never happened!) I usually turn to coffee, Irish Breakfast tea, and the very rare Red Bull. But for a couple days, I forbid myself from those short-term fixes to try out Mental Mojo.

And it works. It doesn't give you a bolt of lightning like the caffeine in coffee or energy drinks does. It comes on quickly, but smoothly. I was able to really get into my "writing zone," and stay there. No jitters. No crash. Just a steady stream of focus, alertness, and energy. It tastes good, too. (Much better than sugary sweet'n'sour energy drinks!) It was also kinda fun how the powder pours out light pink but turns into a vibrant, glowing green when you shake it up into your water.

I liked Mental Mojo. It definitely improved my workday (especially my 2 o'clock slump!) and eliminated my multiple trips to the coffee machine. 

Mental Mojo also aims to fight prescription drug abuse by providing a sustainable, safe and effective alternative to the non-medical use of prescription drugs for academic purposes. The company dedicates a portion of its earnings and its efforts to causes that fund autism research and curb prescription drug abuse. 

For more about Mental Mojo and to order some to try for yourself, check out the Mental Mojo website here

Disclaimer: Mental Mojo provided me with free sample packets of their product. The opinions expressed in this non-paid product review are entirely my own.

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