Rough Draft: Bar Cart


I'd been lusting over the above bar cart (from Target) for months. Every time I shopped at Target, I had to visit it to see how many were left and if the price had gone down. For $130, I just wasn't quite willing to snatch it up quite yet. Patience paid off! A few weeks ago I nabbed one. Thanks to a clearance markdown, Christmas money, and a gift card I won at the workplace holiday part – I scored this bar cart for just $30 out-of-pocket.

Here she is in her cozy little corner of the living room / kitchen, right behind the couch. Now comes the task of gussying the cart up with fancy glassware and actual bottles of something. I'm so much of a beer and wine fan that I rarely have liquor around. That's gotta change...

Here's what I've done so far:

It's a work in progress. The glasses are a set vintage gold leaf glassware that I scored at an antique store years ago for like $10. They've been packed away for a long time and I'm glad to have somewhere to put them on display! 

Right now, I'm dabbling the whiskey world. Jameson and ginger ale has become a new favorite drink – with honey straws on hand for stirring and adding a little flavor. 

My small collection of bottle openers are in a Moroccan tea glass – along with the whiskey, honey sticks, and a tiny porcelain elephant my sister bought me, the items are gathered on a thrifted mirror for now. 

I use the antique cigar tin to hold beer bottle caps so that I can use them on a craft in the future. A basket on the bottom of the bar cart holds the wine.

I'm planning on putting up my Teal Teardrop Chasing Paper removable wallpaper for a pop of color against all the gold and bronze. 

I know I'm missing a lot of spirits and mixers. What else should I add? :)


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