Rough Draft: Landing Strip for My Apartment


I've come to the decision that I need a landing strip for my apartment entry. Too often, I put stuff (purse, keys, mail) down in different parts of the the apartment and end up having to run around gathering it all the next morning. I need a nice little space – nothing too complicated or cluttered – to hang my purse and keys, slip on or off my boots, and toss mail or packages until I have time to deal with them.

Above, I've created a rough draft mock-up of my plans. My mission is to create this landing strip with stuff I already have.

1. Catch-All for Mail, Packages, Etc.
While it may not be as adorable as the turquoise Ikea Raskog kitchen cart pictured above, I have a nice little three-tier cart on wheels. I like the idea of a portable rack so that I can move it to another room if need be. Much easier than moving an entire bookcase or cabinet! Maybe I'll give my little cart a coat of new spray paint. (The yellow's looking a little tired. Copper maybe?)

2. Lightweight Side Chair
I love this hot pink little number, but my vintage ice cream parlor chair (which is spray painted turquoise currently) will be a perfect stand it. It occupies minimal space and will be a perfect spot to sit down and take on and off my boots. I'm really trying to leave my boots in the carpeted stairwell / entry to avoid tracking mud, snow water, and ice salt into my apartment and onto my beautiful hardwood floors.

3. Hooks
While I have one lonely hook hanging there currently, three or four would be better. I'd like to have place to hang what I need handy (purse and keys) as well as things I need on occasion (recyclable grocery bags, umbrella, etc.) 

4. Door Mat
This is the only thing I know I'll have to buy. I really need a door mat. A cute one, too.

5. Decor
You know me. I won't be content with a plain-jane-landing-strip. So I plan on using some of my Chasing Paper removable wallpaper on the wall behind the rack and chair – as well as hang some cute artwork! Pattern and prints always brighten up a space for me.

Do you have a landing strip or catch-all spot in your apartment?

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