Bedroom Revamp Plans | Part 1: The Dresser

Remember how I was going on about how handsome mid-century modern dressers are? Well, somethings are just meant to be. One of my favorite shops here in Cedar Rapids posted quite a beauty to its Facebook page yesterday. A walnut, 6-drawer, clean-lined, sleek silhouetted, MCM dresser. And at a great price, too! It does need a little tender loving care on its finish – but I'm up for the do-it-yourself task. And it's not so bad that it has to be done right away. A little character on a piece is totally lovable in my book. (See the photo below!)

I'm still working on selling the dressers (I sold my desks and hutch), but my handsome new dresser is being delivered tonight. I can't wait! I've already been imagining how I'm going to dress it up – and how I'll lovingly adore it from my view in bed.

Above Left: Current Setup | Above Right: Coming Soon!
It's going on the same wall that my two French provincial dressers are on now. It'll be partially underneath a super awkward shelf/closet thing that my landlord hung on the wall – something I'll just have to work around since it's not coming down. (Also, please pardon the mess in the dresser photo above. I snapped it while rearranging furniture and reorganizing clothes. Messy, messy.)

In the above Olioboard, I created what I'd like that wall of my room to look like. In my room, there's actually an antique radiator in the corner and the windows are on the adjoining wall... but just to see the pairing with my red curtains, I threw them in there. 

I plan on outfitting the big, awkward shelf with a bunch of baskets – I can't decide if I want all the same baskets or to mix and match. It'll be a perfect place to stash seasonal shoes, scarves, and accessories. I'm also smitten with the idea of leaning a ladder against the shelf so that 1) I can actually climb up there to get into the baskets, and 2) I could drape magazines or scarves over the rungs.

When it comes to accessories, I'll be on the hunt for a more attractive laundry basket – and I'll stow away my basic plastic ones in the bathroom walk-in closet. Even though my room is carpeted, it's not in the best of shape. This is the only area of the room where the carpet is most visible, so I'd like to cover it up with a pretty rug. Vintage artwork will go up on the walls, along with an antique mirror to off-set the dresser's clean, modern lines. 

Also, I'm going to try my darndest to not over-clutter the dresser-top. Right now I'm aiming for a lamp on one end, my antique copper heater on the other, and a tray with my jewelry and a few candles in the middle. When I get the impulse to fill up the surface of this dresser, kindly remind me of this post. ;)

That's all for now, folks! I'm also re-planning my desk area, the end of my hall, and my living room tv area once I get those pieces sold and out of the apartment. So much revamping to come!

Separation anxiety? What separation anxiety?!

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