DIY Quickie: Copper Vinyl Record Holder

I have a modest collection of vinyl albums – most of them being gifts from a certain feller that knows Ramona Falls, Of Monsters and Men, and The Lumineers are the way to my heart. Trouble is, I've been stumped when it comes to storage. I don't have enough records to constitute a big storage unit, but I don't want to simply stack them. I want them to be on display and within easy reach. After scavenging for a wire record rack to no avail, my boyfriend had the idea to buy a metal filer from an office supply store. Ingenious, right?!

Instead, I ended up in the kitchen storage aisle at Target looking for... well, kitchen storage. I spotted a little wire rack for pan lids. It rang in at a mere $7, so it came home with me. I tried it out with the records and it worked perfectly. It's the perfect size and will even accommodate a few more albums for my growing collection. (And when I run out of space, I can buy another or upgrade to a record-specific unit.)

The dark gray / black wire look just wasn't doing it for me though. Luckily, I had on hand a can of my favorite copper spray paint. (To know me is to know that I love a nice copper finish.) On a rare 45-degree day this past week, I ventured out into the melting snow and spray painted this baby. Oh, how I'd missed spray painting! 

I'm smitten with how it turned out. The spray paint coated the metal flawlessly. And now my records have a lovely, coppery home.

It cost me a total of $7 ($10 if I hadn't had the spray paint on hand)... and just a few minutes of time. Simple, quick, and a perfect solution to my little album storage problem.

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