La Vie Boheme | 10 Inspiring Bohemian Spaces

I love the mix and match of patterns, textiles, textures, and styles in a Bohemian space. It's so free spirited, so eclectic, so interested, and (of course) so lovely. Strike a Bohemian chord in your dorm or apartment with inspiration from these ten spaces. (above: Hidden in France)

Owls and Birdcages
Bright Colors + Bold Patterns + Vintage Art + Grecian Bust 

Zsa Zsa Bellagio
Moody Wall Color + Cheerful Mustard + Bold Floral + Distressed Wood 

Leslie Thorn McGraw
Dreamy Whites + Pretty Patterns +  Ox Skull + Shabby Chic

Spuzmai Achickzay
Pattern Overload + Upholstered Headboard + Vintage Suitcases + Modern Art 

Dee Hernandez
Basket of Records + Tropical Florals + Fresh Colors + Lush Greenery 

sybarite madrid
Pretty Pastel Pink + Romantic Lights + Antique Chair + Stack of Books 

Mon Reve and Co.
Painted Wicker + Mix and Match Prints + Carved Wood + Flowers Everywhere 

My Bohemian Treehouse 
Green Velvet + Beautiful Floral + Lots of Books + Metallic Sheen

Peyton Woods
Natural Wood + Eclectic Patterns + Carved Details + Vintage Nightstand

Do you infuse a bit of that Bohemian spirit into any of your decor? A little or a lot? A few mismatched floral pillows here and there – or eclectic furniture styles, mix and matched patterns, and free spirited accents everywhere?

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