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Love patterns, prints, and pretty colors? You know I do. Decor 2 Ur Door is an online boutique boasting the best bedding selections for teen rooms, college, and beyond – in a huge variety of patterns and colors. From pre-designed sets ready for your space to customizable options for you to mix and match, Decor 2 Ur Door has you covered. And they're giving one lucky The Lovely Side reader a free Design Ur Own square pillow in the pattern and color of choice! (Scroll down to enter!)

You won't find the typical, dull, department store bed-in-a-bag sets here. Decor 2 Ur Door's bed-in-a-bag dorm bedding collections feature professionally pre-designed dorm bedding sets in the trendy styles and pretty prints that reflect your unique taste and personality.

But while bed-in-a-bag sets are great, what makes Decor 2 Ur Door a true gem is their selection of Design Ur Own duvets, bed scarves, bed skirts, sheets, shams, pillows, headboards, chair covers, and window or closet curtains. With tons of patterns, colors, and monograms to choose from, you can perfectly coordinate your dorm, mix and match for your apartment, or show your Greek pride with sorority monograms. Throw in the fun selection of accessories, wall art, and monograms – and this place is truly your one-stop shop for dorm and apartment decor.

Not only does Decor 2 Ur Door offer the products you need at reasonable prices, but the online shop also serves up a serious dose of inspiration on their website, blog, and Pinterest boards. I've rounded up some of my favorite decorating ideas for dorms and apartments:

1. Disguise Under-the-Bed Storage
Since square footage and storage space is sparse in residence halls, dorm beds often need to be elevated to make use of the space underneath. Use one of Decor 2 Ur Door's customizable, extra long bed skirts to conceal unsightly storage boxes and bins.

2. Curtain Your Closet
On a student or young professional budget, not every living space we end up in is ideal. Whether you're in a dorm or apartment, some closets don't come with doors. And let's face it: our closets are rarely the perfectly organized, Pinterest-worthy storage spaces we aspire to create. Pick a pretty print in a lovely color and cover up your open closet with a curtain – problem solved, mess hidden.

3. Coordinate (or Clash) Your Curtains
Perhaps you love the preppy, pulled together look of matchy-matchy room decor. Or maybe you're like me, and "clash" is just not a term in your decorating vocabulary. Whether you're a matcher or a mixer, custom designed curtains are the answer to getting the exact color, pattern, and look you want for your space.

4. Dress Up Furniture with Monograms
Monograms are a classic (and classy) element of design that just don't go away. Whether you love your initials or want to show off your sorority spirit, a monogram is a great way to add a personalized accent to your dorm or apartment bedroom – especially when used to dress up furniture. I love the look of this pink monogram on a ghost chair. Dressers, desks, and wardrobe cabinets are also great surfaces to use.

5. Extend Your Style into the Bathroom
When decorating your dorm or apartment, don't forget to give the bathroom some attention. A beautiful, customized shower curtain in a pretty print and color makes all the difference between a standard suite bathroom and a personal spa space.

6. Make Room for Roomies
When you inhabit a space with a roommate (or several), creating and compromising a cohesive design scheme can be challenging. Even though the patterns and colors available through Decor 2 Ur Door vary, they can be mixed and matched to create an eclectic aesthetic that shows of all roommates' styles. Plus, roomie initial monograms on small planks of wood make for a great do-it-yourself project to bond over and proudly display in the common area.

7. Grow Up Your Post-Dorm Space
When you move from a dorm to an apartment, it's amazing how much space you suddenly have to work with. Out with the old dorm stuff and in with all that more sophisticated, "grown up" decor. Decor 2 Ur Door has you covered with duvet and bedding options that work just as well in a post-grad apartment as they do in a residence hall space.

8. Coordinate Effortlessly
Sharing one dorm room with a roomie poses many design obstacles. Often, you don't even know each other before you move in. How do you know if you'll decorate alike? How can you make your room cute? How can you avoid the dorm looking like it's been split into two completely different styles? If you can agree on a color scheme, you're set. The dorm above is a perfect example of two roomies picking out different patterns from Decor 2 Ur Door while sticking to a color scheme. Each side looks unique, but the room as a whole looks cohesive with matching headboards.

Use the below widget to enter! Winner will be announced and contacted on Friday, March 21. Giveaway open to residents of the United States. Good luck and happy decorating!

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