Emme's Bedroom: Feminine, Vintage, Eclectic

I love a good dosage of decorating inspiration – no matter where it comes from. This eclectic, chic, and utterly darling room belongs to a very lucky teenage girl, but it's full of inspiration for any dorm room or apartment bedroom. The space features soft pink walls accented by a large chalkboard wall. Vintage and modern furniture coexist. And plenty of meaningful, personal accents infuse the space with the unique personality of its growing, changing dweller. 

This vintage vanity space is gorgeous: the wood tones, the big mirror, the soft chair. I love the bust of what looks to be a flapper girl, spray painted in a lovely shade of robin's egg blue. A large picture of the loveliest of ladies Audrey is posted nearby. Jewelry, beauty products, and other girly things collect in milk glass and metal bowls. 

This is one of my favorite parts of the room. I love the white cubicle shelving used for shoes and kept minimal rather than packed. The two striped runners slightly offset from each other adds a graphic dash of pattern. Gold frames look so pretty against the feminine pink walls. And I love the white gazelle head draped with necklaces and beads.

Layered rugs on the carpet make the room cozy while lending their varying textures. I love the vintage bed frame painted matte black and dressed in white, black, and coral bedding with an unexpected fuchsia pillow. A gold painted nightstand hosts a couple books and a couple framed prints. Cute cowgirl boots and the guitar sit within easy reach.

So much thought, purpose, and heart went into this room. I love it. For more photos of this room and all the inspiration behind decorating it, check out the original post Elements of a Teen Girl's Room over on the lovely blog Life in Grace.

What's your favorite element of this room? What did your bedroom look like as a teenage girl?

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