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The changing of the seasons is also a great time for changing up your scent. For me, picking out a new fragrance is a big deal. It's a process. And it really comes down to: How does this scent smell on me? Because fragrances smell different on different people – depending on their body chemistry, their clothing, their daily activities. A fragrance that smells divine in the bottle might disappear on my skin. Or it may smell underwhelming on the tester tab, but take on delightful notes on my pulse points. Picking perfumes can be just plain tricky.

Enter Pinrose. Pinrose is a savvy little online boutique that specializes in custom tailored scents, perfumes, and fragrances. You take the Scent Finder quiz pinpoint perfumes that will work on you. The quick quiz generates its results from your fast-thinking right brain reactions. You pick shapes, colors, and music that appeal to you. You divulge some of your favorite scents, your age, and your confidence level in picking perfume. And then... voila! Three scents that fit you. It's like a fragrance matchmaker! 

The best part? You can try out those three samples for free. (Even the shipping is complimentary.) Or if one, two, or all three of the results you got just don't sound like you... you can pick three totally different ones to try.

I took the quiz and got Sugar Bandit, Pillowtalk Poet, and Moonlight gypsy. I decided to go with their recommendations and try those three. A few days later, a classy black envelope arrived with my three little scent petals inside. The scent petals are designed to give you just the right amount of fragrance sample to dot onto your pulse points and wear around for a day. You get to experience how that perfume works with your body chemistry and how it changes over the course of the day.

I tried out the scents on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday so that my boyfriend could get a whiff and weigh in. Day 1, I wore the one I was most excited for: Pillowtalk Poet. (I really adored the name.) I had my doubts about the powder part of it, but this fragrance had me at hello. And my man couldn't get enough of it. ;)

Day 2, I tried Sugar Bandit. Sweet, sugary, and girly, this was nice and the boy also approved. It kinda reminded us of frosting. Yum. On Day 3, I sampled Moonlight Gypsy. I knew immediately that this one just wasn't going to work for me. In my perfume history, sandalwood and cardamom notes just don't smell nice on me. My mom and one of my sisters can pull them off great though. For some reason (thank, body chemistry) it took on that "old lady perfume" scent as soon as it hit my skin. 

The winner here was definitely Pillowtalk Poet – and I can now say that I actually like... no, LOVE a fragrance with powder. The musk and amber must balance it out just right. Pillowtalk Poet has definitely skyrocketed to the top of my perfume wish list. ...And I'm curious to see what other Pinrose scents might suit me as well.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or compensated post. I just stumbled across Pinrose, tried it, and thought it was too good not to share. :) 

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