1 Magnetic Ampersand, 3 Stylish Desk Spaces

I love ampersands. So when I came across this large iron ampersand, I was smitten. It's big, bold, and begs for a couple magnets and notes. As I'm currently rethinking my desk space / writing nook, I decided to try out the magnetic ampersand in a couple stylish spaces. Which desk space would you love to pull up a chair to and get to work studying, blogging, writing, or designing?

Creative & Colorful

Ideal For: Visuals-Smitten Designers, Artsy-Fartsy Crafter, and Lifestyle / Decor Blogger

Color Scheme: What color scheme?! Forget matching; it's all about mixing here. Hot pink, lime green, fresh teal, ripe orange, and golden yellow come together with a bit of grey and white, which really lets the dark metal of the magnetic ampersand pop.

Details: Amp up the creative factor with festive art and prints. Add a desktop organizer to store pens, pencils, and supplies within easy reach. Bring attention to the floor with a wild, graphic rug. And complete the look with a furry so furry you'll never have to leave your little creative spot.

Girly & Gritty

Ideal For: Fashionista Bloggers, Jane Austen-adoring Romance Writers, and Femme Fatale Types

Color Scheme: Soft blushing tones of pink and mauve, paired with shabby chic creamy whites, and contrasted with dark grays reminiscent of galvanized metal – the scheme strikes a balance between feminine and industrial.

Details: Pin up perky art and prints in pretty pink hues. Add soft, frilly feminine touches like flowers, a vintage alarm clock, and floral scented candle. Then throw in the unexpected industrial elements like an old, distressed metal cabinet, vintage desk lamp, and wire pencil holder. Liven up the floors with a bold, modern pattern like chevron to pull it all together.

Gothic & Glamorous

Ideal For: Murder Mystery Novelistas, Vampy Bookworms, and High Glam Beauty Bloggers

Color Scheme: Lots of black. Some beige, charcoal, and white. Burnished brass and gilt gold accents. And a gorgeous, juicy splash of plum.

Details: Forgo a plain-Jane desk chair for a desk throne – deep purple leather and brass legs. Keep it classy with lots of black on the desk, the bulletin borad, and art work. A burnished brass desk lamp and ornate picture frame add some Victorian flair. And a cowhide rug brings the floor to life.

The Creative & Colorful desk is my favorite, of course. (I can't resist mixing bright colors and bold patterns set against a gray wall.) Which is your fave?

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