Brilliant Dorm & Apartment Wall Art Solution: Pegboard Wall Gallery

I stumbled across this pegboard idea in all its vibrant, creative glory and now I feel a weekend project coming on. The 2012 Design Files Open House featured this gallery wall brilliantly hung on white pegboard. I must confess that this idea crossed my mind a few months back, but I'd never seen it executed. Pegboards are everywhere: hanging pots and pans, organizing art and office supplies, and (of course) corralling tools in sheds and garages. But a gallery wall display?! It's even more perfect than I imagined.

I love this idea because it's ideal for renters – like myself. Reason #1 being that we often aren't allowed to put too many holes in the walls. Reason #2 being that we're usually not allowed to paint our walls. So what's a girl to do? I have it even worse as I'm trying to curate a gallery wall in my living room. You see, my apartment is in an old Victorian house. Beneath the plaster of the walls is something much denser, much more difficult to hammer into than your typical apartment wall. Hardwood. I've bent and broken nails trying to hammer in and hang pictures. 

I imagine that screwing the pegboard to the wall in a few places around the border and in the interior to secure it will be much easier than hammering nails. Plus, it'll be fewer holes to tack up when I move out someday. (Which equals... a higher likelihood I'll get my entire security deposit back.)

A big sheet of pegboard will not only help out with hanging pictures, but will also allow me to add a splash of color. While I adore the fresh, crisp look of The Design Files' pegboard, I long for something a little bolder, a little richer, a little more saturated. You can bet that the first thing I'll do to my pegboard is give that baby a good couple coats of turquoise-or-gray-or-orange paint. 

It's truly a genius no-painting-allowed solution for dorm dwellers and apartment renters who want to add some color, some art, and (of course) some ooomph to the blank slate that is that big, plain white wall.

Let's see if I can rope the boyfriend into a pegboard project this weekend... ;)

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