Welcome to My Teeny-Tiny Kitchen / Dining / Living Room

As I've mentioned before, my kitchen, dining room, and living room are all combined into one space in my Victorian-era apartment. The room is the same size as my bedroom, which is across the hall. The setup makes for one really roomy bedroom and one really tight everything-else-room. While I'm not unhappy with my current setup, I'm still looking to make the most of the cramped, multi-purpose space.

The floor plan above isn't totally accurate, but it's close. Even after nearly a year of living here, I've failed to take actual measurements of my rooms. But based on the furniture arrangement and how much room I have to move around, this little mock-up is pretty darn similar.

Here are some photographs of the place when I'd just moved in – meaning: had no furniture yet. Oh, how spacious it was! Those gleaming floors, the big windows, the high ceilings. I'm still totally in love with my cozy little apartment – I just need to figure out how to work around the coziness.

I want it to stay cozy, but I want to create something clever in the compact room. Something worthy of Apartment Therapy's Small Cool – you know what I'm talking about, small space dwellers. ;)

Here's the living room corner of my living room as it is currently. I love angling furniture, but I'm not sure I love how the couch breaks up the room right now. I'm really looking to create more floor place and less of an obstacle course. 

Stay tuned as I tackle this teeny-tiny space. I'll be sharing updated floor plan options for you to vote on as well as ideas and inspiration that strike me. If you have any suggestions, send them my way! :)

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