4 Perfect Patio Ideas for Decorating Your Deck or Balcony

Back when I was searching for my current apartment, I swapped out outdoor space for historical charm, proximity to downtown, and a great price. I love my place, but I envy you renters who have the luxury of a private balcony or patio to enjoy in the warmer months. With you in mind, I've curated four themes for turning your boring balcony, dull deck, or plain-Jane patio into a lovely space you'll enjoy all summer long.

Colorful Corner: Think bright and vibrant for this outdoor theme. Reach for the colors of summer – refreshing turquoise, lush lime green, pretty coral. Mix and match florals with stripes for a fun, festive feel on  an outdoor rug and comfy cushions. The green Matera shelf fits over the side of your balcony; it can be propped up for dinner or folded down for extra space. The adorable ice cream parlor-style patio chairs provide vintage flair with modern functionality – they come in pretty colors and conveniently fold away. Who knew folding chairs could be so cute?! Throw in a cute lantern and outdoor candle to illuminate the evening. For a final touch, hang a sweet planter with pretty flowers. Time to put together those patio party invites!

Bar and Grille: Create your own outdoor nook for wining and dining that's just as classy as your favorite foodie hot spot. Keep it classy and classic with lots of black – like this simple, affordable, and elegant bistro set from Ikea. Make sure a bucket full of cold craft beers is nearby at all times. Play up the city vibes with a trimmed plant and exotic flowers. Turn up the style with a bit of pattern with a black and white striped ottoman with a flash of green. And add in the perfect mood lighting with a trendy marquee letter. (You can even DIY your own.) Cheers!

Industrial Retreat: Mingle rustic wood, galvanized metals, and a little copper to create a cozy, urban perch. Copper, aluminum, and steel. Worn patinas, rusty patinas, and shiny new surfaces. Let them all get together for most eclectic and industrial of looks. (The more variety, the more pulled together it looks!) Transform a lackluster balcony floor with a rug that looks like wood. A rolling bar cart and table with a handle on top are easy to move around and accommodate guests. 

Let's Get Campy: Have a little kitschy fun out on your patio by turning it into your personal campground. Start with a green outdoor shag rug that mimics grass. Throw in colorful tables and chairs in red, gold, and teal. Plop down on an adorable stump stool that can double as an extra table. Bring in those classic camping touches like a retro teal lantern and beer caddy. While you won't be fending off wildlife from your apartment patio, a cute critter pillow like this little raccoon rascal will fit right in – without stealing your supper!

Do you have a patio or balcony off of your apartment? How do you style it for enjoyment?

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Eran Braveman said...

Great Post. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

David said...

Interesting. This looks super cool. I haven't read it all yet, but I'll be back to read the rest of it.

Jeff said...

Great stuff, might steal something from the industrial design.