A Peek Inside My Purse: A Planner, Lipsticks, and Mason Jar... Oh my!

I'm a sucker for bloggers' "In My Purse" posts. Just like looking at someone's bookshelf to catch a glimpse of their personality, you can tell a lot about a lady's lifestyle by taking a peek into her handbag. So while I would never rummage through a random stranger's bag, I do snoop around on blogs and Pinterest for these personality glimpses. While I may not have the pricey name-brands found in the purses of Nicolette Mason or Cupcakes and Cashmere, it sure is fun to dump out the contents, take a pic, and do a post of my own.

Here's what's in my bag:

1. My new Daily Project planner from MochiThings. It's dateless – so I could start it in May! It's simple and chic on the inside. It's just the right size. And it's the loveliest shade of vintage chartreuse. I use a pretty, pink, patterned pen I found in the Target dolla' section to plan out my life. 

2. Several shades of lipstick and a roll-on perfume. So currently I'm toting around four shades of lipstick, which has significantly decreased since I cleaned out purse. (Before, I had about ten.) I'm trying to limit myself and only carry what I need, but you never know when the mood will strike for coral, red, or pink lips – or when the need will arise for a little fragrance.

3. I love this fancy little silver compact with a green gemstone on top. My sister gave it to me and it makes putting on lipstick so much more fun and glamorous. 

4. Tortoise shell sunglasses because they go with everything.

5. I carry cards and a little bit of cash in a silver, vintage cigarette-holder inspired case I scored at a Maurice's years ago. 

6. This orange card organizer from Target keeps track of business cards, membership cards, IDs, and other paper odds and ends so that I can keep only the essentials in my silver case. 

7. I usually have a necklace and bracelet of some sort in my purse – just in case I end up going somewhere after work that requires a little shine. This chunky gold necklace that I scored on clearance somewhere is my go-to since it complements nearly any outfit and isn't really metal. (I'm allergic to many metals, so I can just throw this on without having to worry about getting itchy.)

8. No, that's not an Eos chapstick. I recently discovered that my local HyVee grocery store (of all places!) now makes Eos knock-offs. Funny enough, I prefer the HyVee brand to the originals – the flavors and feel are just better. And this blue raspberry flavor tastes amazing. 

9. Hand lotion. Because I hate dry hands and the soap in public restrooms always dries out my skin. :(

10. Gum. Keepin' it fresh.

11. I found a couple mason jar mugs with lids at TJMaxx. They're perfect for toting my iced coffee and orange juice to work in the morning.

Oh, and the purse itself is a Target find. ;)

Now since you know I loooove peeking into purses, I'd love for you to dump yours out, take a photo, and write a blog post. Leave the link in the comments and I'll share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

What's in your purse?!

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