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I spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday painting the Ikea Mikael desk I scored on Craigslist last week. After much deliberation and flipping through paint swatches, I settled on a color. I was originally leaning toward a bright strawberry red, vibrant chartreuse, or mustard yellow. However, when I realized that the desk's dimensions were practically perfect for my bedroom closet / window nook, I changed my mind about the color altogether.

Since I have a panel of Target's Threshold Gray Botanical drapes hanging on the closet window, I decided to pull colors from it for the desk. I toyed around with the idea of red and green – or even baby blue. However, I ended up choosing Sealskin by Sherwin-Williams. It's the same nice dark, warm charcoal as the curtains. Since the rest of my bedroom is so light and bright, I'd like this space to be dark and cozy. Plus, I love how color desk accessories will pop against the near-black desk surface. 

You can see my window closet ^here.
I plan on dressing up the space with a copper desk lamp, blue mason jars, industrial wire baskets, a small stack of colorful books, a vintage fan, and a cute little succulent. While the desk faces the window, it will have two small walls on either side on which to hang a bulletin board, some prints, and maybe a cool ampersand. 

Thanks to skyrocketing humidity on Sunday, my desk isn't quite done so I'll be finishing up painting tonight, assembling it inside the nook tomorrow, and hopefully getting it half-way styled by the end of the week. (Painting tutorial and styling posts to come!)

I'm very excited to have a proper desk space for blogging and noveling – and a nice, spacious one at that!

Thank you all for your creative suggestions for paint colors! I look forward to sharing the results with you. :)

Happy decorating!

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