Exposed Brick + Vintage Style in this Downtown Iowa City Studio

Even though I'm totally in love with my apartment and don't plan on going anywhere else anytime soon, I have this habit of browsing Craigslist for available apartments. I like to swoon over lofts with river views and gush over Victorian units with more charm than mine. I like to admire sleek, modern spaces and crush on cute cottage duplexes. Every once in a while, I come across a real gem.

Like this studio in downtown Iowa City. Not only does it boast exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, 10 foot ceilings, and loads of charm, but the renter has decked it out with vintage and antique furniture, Moroccan kilim rugs, and adorable accents – all while taking on the challenges of a small space. 

How great is that colorful floor in the kitchen? When you can't paint the walls or change the cabinets, the floor is a fantastic place to add color and pattern – especially in a small kitchen.

Here's a cute dining area for two. (Love that red tabletop.)

The bathroom was kept mostly to its renters' neutrals except for another colorful floor and some vintage prints behind the toilet. 

I really love the desk placed at the foot of the bed – acting as a divider of sorts. The nearby bookcase really makes the desk area feel like its own tiny office.

Plants are lined up in the windowsill. (I really need to do this in my place.)

A lamp table does double-duty as a nightstand when placed between the loveseat and bed.

And lastly, the bar (decked out with all the essentials) cleverly conceals the air vent.

I love this charming little Iowa City studio. Whoever rents it next will be enjoying a real gem!

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