Perking Up My Kitchen with a Pantry Wall Decal from Cozy Wall Art

Since moving into my apartment a year ago, my tiny sliver of a kitchen has desperately been begging for some decoration attention. Since the kitchen shares the space with my living room and dining area, it always fell to the wayside... until this past weekend.

Cozy Wall Art extended a helping hand – by sending me a complimentary wall decal of my choice. Removable wall decals are an easy, inexpensive DIY art solution for renters and dorm dwellers to add some ooomph to the beige abysses that are our walls. Cozy Wall Art is a boutique creative studio located in Texas. A family owned and operated business, they launched in August and have been designing decals and transforming apartment walls ever since.

For my kitchen, I chose the standard sized Pantry Wall Decal in turquoise. And I found the perfect little nook to brighten up with the adorable silhouette.

The decal arrived in tip top shape, rolled up in a shipping tube. Cozy Wall Art was so sweet to throw in a plastic smoothing card and a couple dum dums. (DIY and decorating afternoons can usually use a bit of sugar.)

So first, prepare and clean the wall. I wiped mine down with a wet cleaning wipe and let it air dry. Hold up the decal to the wall and find its sweet spot, using a level to make sure it's not crooked.

Remove the backing. Stick it to the wall. Peel off the front cover. And voila! (Okay, okay. So my instructions are a bit condensed. And Cozy Wall Art does provide more elaborate instructions for your convenience.) It's super easy-peasy, I promise.

Lastly... step back and admire your work. That spot on my kitchen wall was so very lonely. Problem is: underneath my more-than-a-century-old walls are hardwood and rock-solid plaster. Trying to hammer in and hang up art ends up in a bent nail more often than not. This was a much simpler solution.

I love how the cupboard motif adds such a bright splash of teal to that area, while also helping to further designate the space as the kitchen part of my combined living room / dining room / kitchen.

With the artsy accessories above my cabinets, copper panels over my stove, and colorful kitchen wares up on my cupboard and fridge... I'm quite smitten with how my tiny kitchen is coming along. 

That's not all I did this weekend, so stay tuned for more apartment updates!

Until then, check out kitchen wall decals and other decorative wall decals from Cozy Wall Art. Find something that strikes you and get to sticking!

Disclaimer: Cozy Wall Art sent me a free wall decal to review, but I was not paid to do this post. The thoughts and opinions here are my own. I only recommend products I love... and that I believe you will love, too. :)

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