$2 Vintage Typewriter Stand + Geometric Wallpaper = One stylish hallway coming along!

There's just one space in my apartment that looks a little sad: the hallway. It's a long, beautiful hallway with hardwood floors, high ceilings, and original wood trim. However, it lacks the color, pattern, and personality that the rest of the apartment is brimming with.

A couple weekends ago, I enlisted the help of the boyfriend to help hang some more of Chasing Paper's renter-friendly, removable wallpaper. (It's the gray and white tri-angled pattern.) Then yesterday, I happened to stop by Goodwill on a whim. Whilst browsing the secondhand furniture section, a little grayish beige beauty caught my eye. I had to push a dresser and pull out a filing cabinet to get to it. Then lo and behold! It was a vintage typewriter stand. For just $4!

You can bet that I took that darling typewriter stand up in my arms and toted it to the front desk right away. And just my luck... it happened to be 50% off of home goods that day. (A couple months back, I was bargaining with a lady on Craigslist... trying to get her to knock her rusty $50 stand down to $40.) This perfect stand came home with me for just $2. I still can't believe it.

Left: Wallpaper; Right: Typewriter stand and ice cream parlor chair
(The difference in noon lighting vs. sunset is like night and day! Heh!)
I've decided that the typewriter stand will go in my hallway, underneath the gray and white geometric wallpaper. I stopped by Menards on the way home to grab a can of grass green Rustoleum. (Their gloss protective enamel is my all-time favorite spray paint.) As soon as the horrendous, hundred-degree heat index and humidity drops, I'll be giving this baby a nice coat of shiny green.  

You can see my plans on the inspiration board up above. I want to play off of the gray and white wallpaper, but add in some splashes of grass green and coral. I have a precious little ice cream parlor chair that's currently painted turquoise, but she'll be getting a coat of coral spray paint very soonly as well. I plan on bringing in a gray runner, a boot tray for my grass green wellies, a mirror (for checking lipstick on my way out the door), and a few coral hued accessories like a basket (for mail) and a tray (for my keys, prox card for work, etc.) Oh! And I have a lovely idea to find a coat rack and paint it a bright sunny shade of yellow. 

I can't wait to share the spray paint makeover and hallway progress with you, so stay tuned!

What do you think?! Have you scored any awesome bargains at Goodwill or another thrift shop lately?

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Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

I didn't even know it was a thing! That retro rolling TV cart sounds fabulous... especially with a chalkboard top – how fun!

Share pictures or send me a link to it on your blog when you finish! :D

Have a lovely day,

Jessica | The Lovely Side