5 Ideas to Steal from this 100-Year-Old Australian Home

I stumbled across this lovely home on Design*Sponge and it's full of so many inspiring, ideas that I couldn't not share it. Without further ado, here are some ideas you can borrow for your space:

1. Create Unique Shelving | Ladder Bookshelf
I love love love this idea. First, it puts books and decor on display in a unique way. Second, it's a way to store a totally functional tool in a small space. When you need a ladder, just take off the books and get to work. 

2. Don't Be Afraid to Mix it Up | Modern + Antiques
I've always loved the look of mixing furniture from different eras. This illustrates that idea perfectly. The cabinet is a family heirloom that dates back around 1690. (I'm swooning.) And you know I love ghost chairs.

3. Decorate Happy | Whimsical Accents
When decorating your space, your first concern should be creating a place full of things you love. This girl's room is full of personality – from the garlands she made herself to the cute boot vase with flowers from the garden. Plus, pink and yellow are such a cheery combination.

4. Sometimes, Just Tack It Up | Wall Art
I think sometimes we get too caught up in trends like wall galleries and picture frames. (I'm guilty of it.) So to see some inspiring photos and art just tacked up on the wall is just so refreshing – and easy to change out.

5. White Works | Crisp, Clean White Walls
It's pictures like this that almost convert me to a white-wall-lover. It just goes to show how strategically white-washing a room lets its other features take the spotlight: like these gorgeous hardwood floors, that antique four-poster bed (now I miss mine!) and the pretty pastels on the bed. 

There's so much more to see in this lovely dwelling! Head over to Design*Sponge to tour the rest of the house.

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful home! I'm dreaming of a ladder shelf for so long already … one day, one day! And the rose couch in the 4th pic is so fun, love that one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this nice decoration idea.