4 Simple Ways to Cozy Up Your Dorm or Apartment for Fall

The warm days are waning. There's a chill in the air. And I can no longer sleep with my windows open. I love the changing leaves, rainy days, and fall fashions of this season, but I could pass on the cooling temps and blustery winds. In a few weeks, I'll once again have clear plastic over my drafty Victorian windows and the antique radiators will be turned on. Until then, I have some adjustments of my own to make for the changing season.

1. Cozy Cover-ups
During my A/C-free summers, I sleep with just a lightweight comforter on my bed. (And even that often gets kicked off.) During the cooler months, I bring out my big bedspread. It's damask. It's heavy. And it's warm. While the damask print and black/beige color combo no longer fit into my colorful design scheme, I can't part with this bedspread. So instead, it goes under my normal bed quilt as an added layer of warmth and coziness. I also love (and hoard) those fuzzy, velvety fleece blankets. So those will be brought out of the baskets, drawers, and closets they've been hiding in.

2. Fall Fragrances
I like burning my strawberry and melon scented candles all summer long, but I love the heavier, cozier scents I can bring out in the fall. Pumpkin spice. Toasted vanilla. Crisp apple or apple crisp. I plan on each room having its own fall scent profile this year. My kitchen will be the pumpkin spice headquarters, while my bedroom will get a mix of toasty vanilla and lavender. (Such a great pairing!) And my bathroom seems like a good spot for a fresh splash of apple.

3. Harvest Hues
As the leaves change outside my windows, so do the colors inside my apartment. Granted, they won't be changing much – I won't be painting walls or anything. In my living room, I'll be toning down the bright pinks and lime greens while turning up the rich plum, warm orange, and luxurious turquoise. In my bedroom, I'll be cutting back on the ivory and adding in some more crimson, brown, and warm gray. My bathroom gets to keep its yellow + gray + white + black color combination all year round, but I'm flirting with the idea of a new shower curtain and more eclectic color scheme.

4. Autumnal Accents
What's fall without a pumpkin here and there? I'm not one for going overboard when it comes to holiday and seasonal decor, but I plan on creating a lovely little pumpkin centerpiece on my dining table and coffee table. While I adore those little white pumpkins and gourds, I think I'm going to go for orange and maybe paint a few little gourds turquoise and purple. (I feel a mini diy project coming on.)

How do you adjust your space for the seasons and say goodbye to spring/summer and hello to fall/winter?

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