6 Oktoberfest Ensembles for your Fall Festivities

Hammerschlagen, dirndls, and lederhosen – oh my! 'Tis the season for Oktoberfest, which I'll be celebrating in the Amana Colonies this weekend. I can't wait for a day of eating hearty German food and drinking Millstream's bier with my boyfriend and friends.

But before I get ahead of myself, I have to decide what to wear. Last year, G and I went all out by making our own Oktoberfest costumes. (You can check out the post about our thrifted, DIY dirndl and lederhosen here.) This time around, we're playing it down with some cozy autumn clothes. (Side-note: It's fall here in Iowa and absolutely gorgeous right now.)

Whether you're toting your stein to an outdoor festival or indoor themed event, I pulled together six Oktoberfest-inspired getups to complement your activities:

1. The Traditional Dirndl
No, not one of those skimpy little barmaid Halloween costumes. (Though I did use one of those as the foundation for my DIY dirndl last year.) Real dirndls leave a lot more to the imagination – without sacrificing any of their flirty, feminine flair. With buttons, ruffles, and lace, dirndls comes in many styles, colors, and patterns. If you're going to buy an authentic one, save money by purchasing it months in advance or right after Oktoberfest season. A well-made beauty goes for a pretty penny. Wear your dirndl with a tailored cardigan/jacket, black tights, and girly black mary-janes or t-strap flats.

2. Modern Nod to the Dirndl
You may like the style of a dirndl, but don't want to feel dressed up in a costume. This ensemble borrows basic ideas from the dirndl, but applies them with a modern twist. This tailored dress picks up the gingham pattern in many dirndls. Bring in some texture and contrast with pretty scarf – this one lends its lace and floral pattern well. Cover up with a simple denim jacket and keep your legs warm with black tights and sleek riding boots.

3. Autumn Essentials
This look pulls together everything that feels like fall for me. Classic skinny jeans in a slendering deep blue. A loose and soft gingham printed button-down. A caramel colored tweed blazer. A lacy ivory scarf. And a preppy little pair of camel oxfords. The gingham, lace, and oxfords give the ensemble Oktoberfest undertones in a subtle, understated way. This is one of the looks I'm considering pulling together for the festivities on Saturday.

4. Cozy, Comfy Layers
This is the other outfit I'm thinking of wearing. When you're walking around a little village, playing hammerschlagen, chowing down, and drinking bier to your belly's content, comfort is key. So the idea of a big slouchy sweater is oh-so appealing. Over a chambray button-down, it adds a little more warmth and subtracts some of the frumpy. Add some autumnal color with skinny jeans in a warm hue – like this deep oxblood pair. Pull on some "booties made for walking" and pull in some gingham with a simple scarf and you're good to go keg-tossing.

5. One of the Boys
Maybe you want the ultimate in comfort. Maybe the dirndl is just too girly. Maybe you're madly in love with flannels like I am. This simple outfit is effortlessly cute and infinitely comfy. It starts with a pair of slim black skinny jeans, includes a pair of slender black combat boots, and ends with a soft flannel shirt in a bright jewel tone – like this gorgeous turquoise top. Leave as is for a carefree look or dress it up with a swipe of red lipstick. That's all you need. Well, that and your liter stein.

6. One of the Men
I love the idea of a lady in lederhosen – it's such a cute spin on Oktoberfest garb and a definite departure from the ladylike dirndl. Same rules apply for buying lederhosen. Buy early or buy late and save it for the next year, unless you're willing to splurge or sacrifice quality. Keep it obviously girly with a bright gingham blouse, sweater knee-high socks, and adorable ankle booties. Top it all off with the quintessential hat. Prost!

Oh! And bonus points if you dress up your sweet little doggy in lederhosen, too.

When it really comes down to it, all it takes to pull together a fabulous Oktoberfest outfit is a dash of gingham and a stein full of bier. ;) And if you love looking at gorgeous dirndls as much as I do, drool over these 10 darling dirndls.

To shop any of the items from the outfits above, click here.

Will you be partaking in any German festivities this month? What will you be wearing?

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