Chic, Beach-Inspired Bathroom on a Budget (Reader Request)

Kristy from Vancouver, Canada wrote in for some decor advice. She moved out of her parents' house and into her first apartment this past summer:

"I have loved living on my own and especially getting to decorate! Within the last couple months I have been focusing on decorating my living room and bedroom with a mix of old hand-me-downs and new, affordable things. The biggest challenge I have been putting off and struggling with is my bathroom. I can't figure out how to decorate it and what to do! With holiday parties not too far away, I want to have my place looking put-together, including the bathroom." 

Not allowed to paint the light bluish green walls.
Hates the shower curtain, but struggling to find one she likes. 

Personal Style:
Fun, cozy, a bit eclectic, a little vintage, and often travel-inspired. 

Things to Keep:
The new, crisp white towels she just purchased.
An old lantern she found in her grandma's shed.
Seashells and candle on the cabinet. 

Decorating Hopes:
A beachy theme without being tacky.

Kristy's bathroom currently – just waiting to be decorating all beachy-chic!
I can relate! In most places I've lived, the bathroom ends up at the bottom of my list when it comes to decorating. The current apartment I'm living in is the first apartment I've actually went through the trouble of giving the powder room some TLC.

Okay, now let's get to talking about your bathroom. I think that for a beach theme, you have a near perfect set up: The white sink cabinet, beige floors and tile, and that pretty shade of seaglass on the walls are just asking to be given a maritime makeover. Can't paint? That's okay – you really lucked out with that lovely paint color.

First, I recommend tackling the thing you hate most: that shower curtain. I agree that finding great shower curtains can be a challenge. Even if you do find one you like, you may tire of the pattern. In this small space, I'd choose a simple white shower curtain. It will look crisp and clean while brightening up the room, too. A plain white one would work great, but I think one with some lace or ruffle details would look especially lovely. The ruffled shower curtain above can be purchased from Target for about $20.

Kristy's hoping to give this bathroom a makeover in time for hosting holiday parties.
After swapping out the hated shower curtain, turn your focus to a floor. It's often tempting to throw down the plainest rug possible in the bathroom, but a good design down there goes a long way. Since you skimped on pattern with the shower curtain, take this opportunity to do something fun on the floor. The seahorse bath mat above is from Wayfair for $40 – it's a little pricey for a rug, but you could shop around or DIY one.

On the walls, I'd limit the art to one or two prints. I like the idea of going with something a little unexpected and whimsical for wall art – like a cute mermaid print in a thin, modern black frame. This mermaid art rings in at a pricey $170 from Lamps Plus, but I'm betting you can find something more reasonable on Etsy or draw something yourself. If mermaids aren't your thing, consider an illustration of an octopus, ship, or old fashioned map.

I really like what you've got going with your wall cabinet already, so I'd just add a few more things to take it to the next level. Being very smitten with that antique lantern, leave it in its prized spot up top. Add a little framed print or sign up there – like this $25 cast iron beach sign from Bliss Home & Design. I like the shells on your shelf, but I know personally they can get dusty fast. Instead, leave on large shell out and display the smaller ones in a glass mason jar. Put a beachy scented candle on the back of the toilet – maybe in a darker blue that adds a pop of color like this Nature's Wick "Tranquil Waters" jar candle for $20 from Target.

For the final touches, I'd add a simple waste basket in neutral tones. Then if you have the space, a wicker basket or table to hold extras of those fluffy white towels.

To shop for anything shown in the above decor board, click here.

All of the beach, plenty of chic, and no tackiness to be seen. I'd love to decorate my own bathroom like this! I hope this helped, Kristy! Good luck in tackling your bathroom decor and hosting holiday parties!

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