Man Cave Makeover: The Homebrewery Tasting Room

I was invited by Man Crates: Gifts for Men to take part in their "Man Cave Makeover" campaign. The challnege: find items to spruce up a dull man cave and make it as special as your guy. Man Crates is a one-stop online shop for all the hard-to-shop for men in your life. Whether he's an athlete, gamer, or beer nerd, Man Crates offers creative gift sets for your dad, brother, guy friend, boyfriend, or husband. Plus, the gift sets come packaged in a wooden crate and require the supplied crowbar to pry it open. 

Here on The Lovely Side, you see a lot of my girly decorating style. Lots of floral patterns, lots of pretty colors, lots of feminine touches. But I do have an industrial, rustic edge to my decorating – and this is a fun opportunity to really play that up in a man cave.

I knew immediately which section would suit my Beer Lover boyfriend. For his birthday, I got him a growler that looked like a little keg – personalized with a label that named his own imaginary brewery. So when it comes to choosing a Man Crate that's right for him, I'm sure he'd enjoy prying the crate open with a crowbar to find contents packed with beer glasses labled with his imaginary brewery as well as snacks, coasters, and bottle openers. The Personalized Barware Man Crate (left) would fit right in to the man cave I'd decorate for him. 

He's getting pretty serious with homebrewing and we're always talking about how cool it'd be to have his kegged homebrew on tap. Forget fetching a bottle from the fridge. We'd be pouring fresh draws right there in his apartment. Plus, we're always daydreaming about someday opening his own brewery. (I'd love to decorate it.) So I based this man cave on the idea of a homebrewery.

It's industrial, masculine, and rustic. But let's face it... since I'm G's partner in beer drinking, I'm going to be spending a lot of time in this man cave, too. So while it's got a little bit of a modern saloon feel going on, I infused some artsy, cozy, comfy vibes into the man cave, too.

Textures: Brick/stone walls and concrete/wood floors would be ideal, so this man cave would be easy to pull off in a basement or part of a garage.

Focal Point: The centerpiece of the room would be a big, beautiful wooden bar. He could install his taps in it and keep homebrewing supplies, personalized bar ware, and growlers inside of it. On the other side,  you'd find cool industrial-style bar stools.

Accessories: Industrial inspired cage lights would illuminate the exposed brick walls, which would be accented with some vintage prints, beer posters, and bar signs. Old wooden crates would keep clutter at bay, as well as keep beer magazines and books close at hand. A graphic printed rug would warm up the hard floors. 

Cozy Zone: Of course, there'd also be a big, tufted sofa covered in nicely worn-in leather. Wheels on the bottom would be perfect for positioning the sofa around the room – bringing it in closer to converse with friends at the bar or turning it away to play cribbage. 

What do you think? Would you like to stop over to G's homebrewery for a flight of homebrewed beer? I know where'd I'd be hanging out on weekends... more than I already do. ;)

Thanks to Man Crates for inviting to me be part of your campaign!

To shop for anything used in the decor board above, check out the sources here.

Head over to Man Crates to see which crate best suits your guy. And let me know: how would you decorate his man cave?

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