Copper, Ivory, and Teal Green Bathroom | New Apartment Inspiration

A small bathroom is going to be my biggest adjustment with this next apartment. My current place's bathroom is HUGE (the size of a small bedroom) and boasts a clawfoot tub. My last apartment's bathroom was pretty spacious. This one: not so much. It's tiny and has a standing-only shower. But I'm confidant I can take on the challenge and make it work.

This tiny room will also probably be one of the first to get painted, but I'll live with the walls a little while before making a hasty decision or purchase. There's a strip of trim halfway up the wall. Above the trim, it's painted a rich caramel hue. Below the trim, it's ivory. I'm hoping to give it a vintage feel.

Copper (walls, accessories)
Ivory (walls, shower curtain, accessories)
Black (rug, accents)
Teal (accents)

I'm not totally sure yet. I have a pair of ivory, Victorian cameos framed in an aged gold. They might work in here. I'll have some playing around to do.

There's not much furniture to add in this teeny bathroom. (I'll be lucky to fit a clothes hamper in there.) But I do plan on putting a small teal, industrial stool as an accent table for candles. 

I'll be keeping my makeup in my vintage green toolbox, which I'm going to give a light coat of turquoise and a bit of aging to make it look older. I think some simple vintage-inspired vanity accessories like a soap dish and dispenser would be lovely. And I have some copper, mercury glass tealight candle holders I haven't used in ages that will look lovely in here. I'd also like to find a chic black rug with some antique or vintage inspired typography on it to liven up the plain white floor. I'll be covering the window with a privacy film.

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