Could you live in this 8-square-meter Paris apartment?

This tiny but ingenious Paris apartment boasts a living space of a whopping 8 square meters – roughly 86 square feet. While I can appreciate the clutter-free look, clean lines, and smart storage solutions, I love furniture too much to tuck it away in cabinetry. But how about you? Would you slim down to a skinny little space like this to live in a lovely but expensive city like Paris?
Watch the video tour below to see how this small space transforms. Be sure to watch all the way to the end so you can see the "Before" shots of this room. The renovation is astounding!

Tiny apartment in Paris (8sqm only) from Kitoko Studio on Vimeo.

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Dana Nicole said...

Woa I could not live like that!

Kylea Johnson said...

Oh My Goodness! I would love to live in that apartment!