Office / Writing Room Progress: Walls Painted "Pollination" Green!

What a weekend! Now that I'm all moved into my new place, I'm eager to get it unpacked, settled in, and decorated up. The bf and I set aside Saturday as our project day. While he worked on preparing my living room walls for future painting, I got to work in the small second bedroom that will serve as my office / writing room / library.

Why this room first? Well, it's the most "ready" to be painted. There's no furniture in there yet. The walls were ready to go. And the sooner I get this room furnished, the sooner I have boxes and boxes of books out of my living room.

Above is the room before. It was painted a warm, buttery yellow color. I could live with it, but it felt a little less than inspired for a space where I'd be writing, blogging, and dreaming up creative ideas. I chose Pittsburgh Paints' Pollination for the space. 

Even though I adore the color, I'll admit to being a little nervous about slapping it up on the walls. As the paint guy at my local PPG store said, the color is "enough to make you sneeze at." It's a vibrant yellow green, tiptoeing very close to gold. I was worried that with the buttery yellow underneath, it would lean toward the gold more than green.

The paint is still drying in these photo, so excuse some of the dark spots that are still wet. Despite my last minute timidity, this color turned out exactly like I wanted. It has two coats on it now, but there are a few spots where the yellow is shining through a bit. So I'll be giving the room a light third and final coat tonight.

I love this green with the glossy white trim and hardwood floors. You can't see in the photo, but I also opted to paint the ceilings in this room. This was my first time using Pittsburgh Paints paint and I'm very impressed. It's rolls on very nicely, coats evenly, and boasts a very low odor.

As a little reminder, here's what I plan on bringing into the space:

What do you think? :)

UPDATE: Paint touch-ups done, furniture moved in, and time to start decorating!

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Unknown said...

What a lovely colour! :)

Unknown said...

I love the curtains! Can you tell me where you bought them?

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

They're from Target. Unfortunately, they're discontinued. And at the time I bought them, I only bought one panel. I'm kicking myself for not buying two! :( lol.

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