Customize your smartphone to be as unique and lovely as you are!

It's about time to turn the page on a new year. But how about instead of making resolutions, we focus instead on customizations? Isn't that what living a lovely life is really about, anyway? Customizing your closet to curate a comfortable yet personality-packed wardrobe for work and weekends. Customizing your small space to be cozy, convenient, and stylish in a way that reflects your unique taste. Customizing your phone and tablet in brightly colored cases. Customizing your life to be... well, lovely and unique. 

New Year, New You, New Phone!

Motorola has stepped in with Moto X, a fully customizable smartphone. It's a designer's / decorator's / color lover's dream. Picking out and playing with the colors like decorating – but for a smartphone!

It's like picking paint swatches... but for your phone!

To start, you head over to the MotoMaker – the online studio where you can design your Moto X. There are thousands of ways to make your phone unique by mixing and matching colors, leather, metallic accents, wood details, and wallpapers on the front, back, and screen of the phone. Plus, you can customize the memory storage and even have a name or short message laser engraved on the back.

I had to give the MotoMaker a whirl (well, actually several) to create my customized dream phone.

Welcome to the MotoMaker studio:

This is where you start. See that subtle curve of the phone? It makes it comfortable to hold onto.

I immediately went for the wood backs. I love this rich, warm wood tone.

I like the look of a crisp white face, too.

I went back and forth between metallic orange and metallic bronze details, but ultimately settled on the bronze because it feels more vintage and goes so well with the wood tone.

To know me is to not be surprised that I chose a turquoise case. ;)

I upped the memory. (More space for taking photos of DIY projects and decorating!)

I think it'd be a lovely little reminder to have "Live Lovely" engraved on the back.

...And displayed on the welcome screen, too.

I liked this gray wallpaper. It's so serene and not too distracting.

You can set up your Moto X to sync with Google before you even touch it.

Look at that beauty! I love the warm wood tones against that cool turquoise.

If you're a bit more indecisive or unsure where to begin, the MotoMaker provides some existing examples that you can swipe through and then customize once you see something you like.

Let the customization begin!

Besides being able to customize nearly everything to my liking, I love the perfectly-sized 5.2 inch HD display and curved frame that fits comfortably in hand. And the camera includes a handy Best Shot feature, which takes several photos before and after you snap a photo and identifies your optimal shot. The customization doesn't stop there. Your Moto X will adjust to your preferences depending on where you are – in the car, in a meeting, or going to sleep. You even can name it whatever you want and ask it questions.

It's a smartphone packed with premium features – without the premium price. With a two-year contract, you can have your own customized Moto X for $99. (Or without a contract, $499.) Add $25 for leather or wood backs.

Head over to the MotoMaker studio now to start dreaming up and customizing a Moto X as unique as you are. (And let me know in the comments what combinations of colors and accents you used!)

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