Design Your Sign with Modani: Decorating Like an Aquarius


Ever wonder how your zodiac sign influences your design style? Our lovely friends over at Modani have created a graphic detailing just that. I love anything that combines personality traits and decorating preferences, so it was fun to determine my design taste in a celestial way.

Inventive. Artful. Mixes neutrals with pops of color. Finds new uses for common (or uncommon) items. Sounds like the stars have my style pinpointed perfectly. 

Modani inspired me to create a mood board for my living room based on my zodiac-inspired style and incorporating my favorite modern furniture. In this fantasy living room, I'd set the stage with an eye-catching fretwork rug and brick wallpaper as a backdrop. I'd mix antique-inspired styles with modern lines – like pairing a sleek sofa with that gorgeous black fainting couch. I love the look of stacking vintage suitcases as a side table and you know deer are near and dear to my decorating heart. I'd also bring in some glitzy accents in the form of glittery chandeliers, Venetian mirrors, and shining candle holders – as well as some colorful pillows. 

Check out Modani's zodiac graphic below. Does it describe your decorating style?

Here are my favorite items from Modani:

What items best represent your decorating style?

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post or ad. I didn't receive compensation from Modani in exchange for creating this mood board. I was contacted by Modani and encouraged to design a mood board based on my zodiac sign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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