Posh Plaid | Decorate Like You Dress

Today, I'm kicking off a new type of post here on The Lovely Side. Called 'Decorate Like You Dress,' these posts will translate fashion to interior design. If you feel great wearing something, it's likely you'll feel right at home surrounded by the same colors, textures, and trends. 

Today's outfit-to-a-room is based on Chic Street Style's Posh Plaid ensemble. It's a great fall or winter look that looks cozy, casual, and pulled-together in a living room space.

The sofa gives a nod to her camel blazer – not only in color, but also in that "curves in just the right places" structure. The key piece in her outfit is the blanket scarf, so a colorful plaid blanket is the key to this room. The classic black coffee table emulates her sleek faux leather skinnies while the black leather chair plays off of her leather bag. The curtains are simple and off-white, like her sweater underneath the jacket. 

I love the color of those oxblood booties, so I played it up on a larger scale by throwing in a rug of the same hue. The end table pulls inspiration from the dark brown and unique shape of her sunglasses, and the glittery gold accents throughout the room (lamp, bowls, clock) are inspired by her watch and bracelets. If you look closely, you'll see that the inside of her jacket is a subtle blue and white stripe, so I added a pillow with a similar pattern to the couch.

And since the street-chic outfit isn't complete without a cup of joe, you'll find a caffeinated treat on the end table and coffee art on the walls. Just for fun, some brick wallpaper adds the finishing touch.

Would you want to come home to this posh plaid space?

Got an outfit you'd like to see translated into a room?

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Unknown said...

That looks like it'd be such a cozy sitting room - great idea! :D x x x

Camille said...

Love this!

pinkqueen said...

Great outfit! Have a great weekend xx


koupit viagru said...

tartan plaid is awsome, looks cosy and stylish!