Small Space Tour: Sara's "Studio Style" in D.C.

Today I'm very excited to feature the apartment of one of my favorite bloggers and Instagramers: Sara of Studio Style Blog. A young professional in Washington, D.C., Sara lives in a quaint studio apartment where she decorates and DIYs to her heart's content. Her lovely little space is truly one of the best examples of how to make the most of square footage, combine personality and style, and stay budget friendly. I love her projects, mix-and-match approach, and taste for vintage.

Without further ado, let's start at the front door:

"My entryway is quite small, but I wanted to add an element of visual interest to set the tone for the apartment as soon as you enter. I added gold triangle wall decals and a few art pieces to make the most of this area." - Sara

Ideas to borrow from Sara's entry:

Mirror, Mirror
The mirrored closet doors reflect light and make this tiny foyer appear more spacious. Get a similar look in your apartment by hanging a large mirror on the wall near the door. (Plus, it's perfect for last minute mirror checks on your way out the door.)

Catchall Caddy
Sara's charcoal-hued Ikea Raskog cart is a handy coming-and-going station for catching mail, keys, and anything else she needs handy going out the door.

Gold Details
My favorite thing about Sara's entryway? Those little gold triangle details on the walls. They're just enough of a punch of metallic gold and geometric pattern to add interest to the white-walled space without overwhelming it.

"I love the layout of my studio apartment and wanted to designate a few key 'zones' for the living space. My sofa and coffee table are anchored by a rug and the television and bar cart tie in for entertaining. The dining area is in close proximity to the living space, but placing the dining table next to the windows offers a great view and the neutral elements keep the space looking light and uncluttered." - Sara

Ideas to borrow from Sara's living area:

Creative Bar Cart
I have a weakness for prettily styled bar carts – and Sara's does not disappoint. I love that she went with a crisp white bookcase. It's more versatile than your typical cart and allows for additional storage and styling.

Mix and Match Pillows
I'm a big believer in mixing and matching patterns in your space. The easiest way to do this (as Sara demonstrates) is on your sofa with throw pillows. The patterned rug adds another big punch of pattern, too. Don't be afraid to try out different prints – you can always move a pillow to another room if it doesn't feel right.

"The kitchen is tiny, but with the help of a few updates organization tricks, I can make it work." 

Her kitchen is great to begin with: crisp white cabinets with vintage-inspired hardware, beautiful countertops and backsplash, stainless appliances. But it is definitely a tiny kitchen.

Check out Sara's tiny kitchen organization tricks:

"The biggest challenge for studio apartments (I think) is separating your bed so you don't feel like you're sleeping in a kitchen, or having guests see your unmade bed as soon as they walk in the door. I chose to install curtains around my 'bedroom' area to separate the space without compromising style."

I love Sara's curtained bednook. The curtains are light, airy, and white, so they don't look heavy or visually overwhelming. In a small space, it's nice to feel like you have some division of zones for sleeping, writing/blogging, entertaining, etc. You could also use this curtain solution for zoning off an office or open closet.

These are just a few photos of Sara's lovely studio. Like me, she's always switching things up. Her space is always evolving with her personality and taste. I encourage you to head over to Studio Style Blog and follow along with her decorating and DIY adventures – and follow her on Instagram.

StudioStyleBlog.com@studiostyleblog on Instagram

What's your favorite part of Sara's studio?

A big thank you to Sara for inviting The Lovely Side into her lovely little home!

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