Small Space Tour: Theresa's 3rd Floor Brownstone Apartment

Theresa, the blogger behind Sunsets & Cheese and another one of my favorite Instagrammers, lives in this lovely little space – a converted 3-bedroom on the 3rd floor of a tiny brownstone in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

I love her dining room! (It makes me consider turning my front room into a formal dining room.) Those beautiful wood floors, the high ceilings, the sunshine coming in through the tall windows! Gorgeous.

...But it wasn't always so.

"When I moved in 2.5 years ago, the apartment was in shambles – doors falling off hinges and missing knobs."

In the time she's called the apartment home, Theresa has completely transformed it from shabby to lovely: painting walls, fixing doors, and revamping furniture. She draws inspiration from nature, history, and (in the bedroom) Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. A girl after my own heart!

Her home is filled with furniture new, old, and thrifted, as well as Victorian details (to honor the building's history), and even some $7 Anthropologie finds. 

"The layout of my room seems a bit cramped when you step into it, but I absolutely love it. My bed, which is what you walk into, faces the window, and I get to wake up to a burst of sunshine through my sheer drapes."

To tour all of Theresa's apartment and learn more about her approach to decorating, visit her House Tour post on Sunsets & Cheese

Thank you for sharing your lovely apartment, Theresa!

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Unknown said...

Really creative spin to arranging small space which may otherwise appear dark. Love the design. Thanks for sharing!