#TBT Tour my very first dorm at UCM

Here it is: my first ever dorm room. I spent only a semester at the University of Central Missouri before realizing that I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with my life and paying out-of-state tuition was just too expensive as an Undecided major. 

My roomie and I were both Interior Design majors, so we collaborated a lot online to figure out what our color scheme and overall theme would be. We decided on a red and orange scheme, with bits of brown and green thrown in.

This was the view out my window. That big building in the distance is UCM's library. Hands-down, it was my favorite place on campus. I often found myself on the top floor, sitting in a chair next to wall of windows which looked out over miles and miles of Missouri landscape. It was a nice, quiet place to get away and study, read, or write. 

Here's our shared desk space. When I was there, the Interior Design program was very art-focused in the beginning to build strong artistic skills. So I spent a lot of that semester at this desk, sketching things and working on art projects.

Here's a closer look at my half of the desk. 

My roomie's side of the room also included our "mini" kitchen and coffee corner. 

I would love it if I could slim down my wardrobe to this small quantity again. (And those sizes! Haha.) 

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