Meet Callias, the ill-fated object in my bathroom

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The best bathroom experiences are the ones you CAN forget.

That's why Quilted Northern® is celebrating the fact that their bath tissue gives us a forgettable experience.

Unfortunately for some of our ill-fated bathroom objects -- like Daddy Gator, Little Miss Puffytail, and Great Grandpa Thaddeus -- see all and forget nothing. That's the humorous truth at the center of Quilted Northern's series of Designed to be forgotten™ tv spots. (All directed by renowned Director and Academy Award Nominee, Bennett Miller.)

The tv spots are hilariously tragic. (My personal favorite is Birds -- because I'm obsessed with the wallpaper and I LOL'ed at the lucky bird who "has an outlet for a face.")

Quilted Northern invited me to shed the spotlight on the ill-fated object in my bathroom. So without further ado...

This is Callias. (It's Latin for "beauty" and he's quite the pretty boy.)

What he lacks in arms he makes up for with his classical good looks and baby blue eyes. But even the coat of spray paint I gave him cannot shield him from witnessing everything that goes down in my bathroom.

There are a lot of better-fated objects in my apartment. Little birds that get to watch me blog in my office. Statuesque deer that get to binge-watch British dramas in my living room. And a tiny elephant who gets to enjoy the tranquility of my bedroom.

But not Callias. He ended up in the bathroom, stuck in his own Greek tragedy.

The judgy look on his handsome face may appear to be set on stone. But sometimes, he's really just checking out the scantily clad mermaids on my shower curtain.

"Hey, mer-ladies. #HelpMeForget."

(Yeah, he often speaks in hashtags.)

Check out all of six of Quilted Northern's Designed to be Forgotten videos. They're quick, clever, and sure to tickle your funny bone... so be prepared for the giggles to come.

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