Chloe's Relaxing Apartment / Artsy Painting Studio

Chloe York works full-time at Memphis College of Art as the Community Education Associate and On-Site Manager. All of her free time is spent working on her paintings and promoting herself as an artist. And I'm so delighted that she's opened up her lovely space to share with us. It's packed full of the personality, artistic accents, and eclectic tidbits that I love to see in apartments. 

With years of freelance painting and an impressive amount of art showings and positive reviews under her belt, Chloe's art explorts issues of camouflage, defense, and the societal definition of beauty. Her most recent project is a series of collaborative mixed media paintings with her husband, Eric Quick. This month, they're showing these works at a local gallery. They're also writing an illustrated fantasy novel together.

I love the mid-century modern coffee table in the center of Chloe's living room.

Semi-transparent curtains add color and pattern to the space without overwhelming the other sources of color and pattern, like: blankets, throw pillows, art, and paper lanterns.

Swooning over that turquoise coat tree.

"We surround ourselves by collected original art by friends and local artists and we have a penchant for animal skulls, graphic novels, and the colors blue and green. Live plants are a must, as well as a ridiculous amount of books (we have three packed bookshelves!)" - Chloe

I adore Chloe's kitchen. The combination of vintage white cabinets, butcher block counter tops, and turquoise walls is just right up my alley.

And I really dig the Decemberists print over her stove. (Might have to borrow that idea for my place!)

The bedroom is my favorite spot in Chloe's place because of the paint color. I love dark hues with crisp white trim and hardwood floors.

I also really love the bathroom because once again, we have dark walls balanced out with white accents. 

And that shower curtain! Gorgeous.

This room pulls double duty as both guest room and painting studio.

"In our space, we crave a relaxing but inspirational environment. Because we create all of our pieces from home, we needed a functional workspace and the second bedroom in our apartment serves as a combined guest room and studio." - Chloe

Lastly, we come back to the living room with a combined dining area.

"Our apartment combines both of our tastes well, with items carefully collected and curated from our childhoods and our travels." - Chloe

More information about Chloe York and her work can be found by visiting her website: http://chloeyork.blogspot.com/ or her Instagram page: https://instagram.com/chloeyorkart/

 Thank you, Chloe, for inviting us into your lovely, artistic apartment! :)

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Regina said...

I really love the Mid-century coffee table and the turquoise coat rack against the wooden screen. And it's surprising how nice the plastic assemble-yourself turquoise bookcase/shelving system looks. I wonder where she got that. I want one now! :-)