At home with the Lenovo™: 500 Bluetooth® Speaker | Review & Giveaway

Music makes my world go round. I have a playlist for everything. At work, I'm usually listening to a folksy, focused playlist for writing and an upbeat mix for coding emails. At home, I like to jam to the nostalgic tunes of my youth (Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls) while cleaning. And when I finally wind down for the night to blog or work on my novel, I put on an inspiring mix of Daughter, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, and Bastille.

Music sets the mood. Music inspires. And music evokes (and makes) memories.

But what good is it when you can't hear it from the other room?
That's a problem I've been dealing with since upgrading to my larger apartment last fall. In my tiny former place, I could put a record on or play some tunes on my laptop and hear it in every room of the apartment. In my new place, not so much. For once, I have space. But my laptop and tiny television simply aren't powerful enough to blast the music from my living or office into the rest of the house. It's the worst when I'm washing dishes. The kitchen is at the back of the apartment and the music just doesn't flow in.

So the good folks at Lenovo™ sent me their Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker. Click through for my review and the giveaway!

Here's my review:


I'm tech-savvy, but sometimes I need a little assistance getting things going. I really thought I was going to need my boyfriend to help me set this baby up. Boy, was I wrong! So easy. I hit the power button, the speaker popped up on my phone's Bluetooth, I connected, and my playlist immediately started streaming from the speaker.


Very. It's a handsome, sleek little speaker that weighs only 1.6 pounds. Since it's built with CSR 4.0 Bluetooth® technology, there are no wires. So no need to worry about where to plug it in. Over the course of the last few days, it's hung out on my desk, nightstand, coffee table, and kitchen counter.


The speaker comes with a 1800 mhA battery with up to 4 hours of playback. When I need to charge, I simply plug it into my computer's USB outlet using the provided cable.

Best-in-class sound quality.

This is the most important perk of this speaker because it's exactly what I was missing in my apartment. My laptop doesn't turn up that loud. When I turn my tv up loud, it makes a weird buzzing noise. This little speaker packs a powerful punch. I get a rich, clear, 270-degree sound experience.

All-in-one speaker.

This is really cool. So I'm sitting there, my phone connected to my Bluetooth speaker, music playing... and I get a phone call. When I answer, the music stops and the speaker automatically turns into a speakerphone. I really love this feature.


One lucky The Lovely Side reader will win a Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker (MSRP $79.99). To enter, you must be 18+ years old and reside in the U.S. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter by August 18. The winner will be notified shortly after.

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Lea Anna said…
Backyard parties and cooking in the kitchen
Carolyn said…
I would totally just walk around with this speaker and pretend I'm from the future. It looks like something out of Star Trek.
Camille said…
Wow, that looks like such a handy speaker, I so need something like this in my life! :)
Oooh! I love the backyard parties idea!

Now I'm going to have to use it on my front porch! :D
Unknown said…
I would love this in my art studio and also on our back patio! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
It's so handy! I never knew I needed one until it came into my life. :) lol.
Great ideas, Erin! This would be definitely be an inspiring addition to an art studio! ;)
Regina said…
Omg, this looks awesome! What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting. :-)
Unknown said…
I've been thinking about buying a bluetooth speaker for months.I would love to have one! ;)
Ashley said…
I would use it the kitchen while cooking
Vunda Vall said…
i would use it in the backyard while gardening or playing with my dogs! i love having music on all the time
TK said…
I love the design and all of the useful features of the speaker. I would use it in the bathroom while I shower and put on makeup in the mornings because music just wakes me up! Also, it would be perfect for outdoor events like cook-outs and picnics.
Unknown said…
I would love to use this speaker in my studio to enjoy great music when I am working.
Kristin K said…
I love this. I teach a colorguard and have been looking for a speaker that's loud enough to be heard over me calling out instructions. So I'd take it to rehearsals!
SaucheyR said…
I would use it in my car during my commute. What a bonus that I could also have a hands free conversation!
Lauren H said…
I would like to take it with me to hilton head beach
I would use it while working out.
Elissa said…
I would use this in my kitchen the most, listening to music is the only thing that makes doing dishes tolerable! :P
Unknown said…
I would take the Lenovo speaker around the house while cleaning, to the patio while relaxing and down to the beach at the river to listen to some great tunes.
Tabathia B said…
I would take it to the beach and maybe to the pak
Courtnie said…
I'd use this speaker while getting ready for work, because I always listen to music while getting ready.
Amy Z. said…
I'd take this on our porch in the evenings and around the house everyday!
Alyssa H. said…
The Lenovo speaker is the perfect size for my bike's wicker basket and the 4 hour battery life is the perfect length to get me up the trail to the Mount Vernon Estate and back. I used to have an old beat up boom box, but it broke, so my rides have been very quiet lately :(