2015 Christmas Gift Guide: Round 1

Whether she's an apartment renter or dorm dweller, she can't paint and yet can't live without color. Pack a pretty wire basket full of home items in her favorite hue – like a coaster set, throw pillow, fragrant candle, and cozy blanket. Then, top it off with the Ohuhu® Ocean Wave Night Light Projector and Music Player. I have one of these and love it! The small, white projector blends into any decor as discreetly as a vase, but when you turn it on... hello, light show! It projects a variety of colors up to the ceiling and around the room. In a white room, it would give a much-needed dose of color. I like to use the soothing blue while I write – and the multi-color setting would be perfect for a party. Plus, you can plug your phone in to take advantage of the built-in speaker. 

I love putting together wine-themed gifts. For this one, I went the classy route with a black and silver vino theme. Start off with a luxury corkscrew and wine stopper set. Add a pair of unique wine glasses and a wine-themed pillow or framed print. And finish off with a treat for the taste buds: a bottle of wine and chocolate bar. Yum! 

All the makeup lovers I know (including myself) tend to run out of storage space. Help them keep their cosmetics in order with an acrylic organizer. The clear design will suit any decor and fit anywhere from a vanity or dresser to a cabinet or closet. Stock it with some of your beauty-lover's favorites or some new products to try – nail polish, new makeup brushes, hand sanitizer, bronzer, lip stain, and skincare products are all good ideas. 

Sometimes, the best gift is a simple, thoughtful present that can be enjoyed on cold winter nights. This gift set started out with a stainless steel tea strainer and loose-leaf tea. I'd throw in a simple but pretty white mug and tea-inspired print versatile enough to be hung in the kitchen, dining room, or even living room. I stuck with a stark black-and-white color scheme that would suit any tea drinker and their home.

The doodlers, crafters, and creatives can never have too many art supplies! Stock your favorite artist up with a set of 72 colored pencils. Don't forget a colorful pouch they can store the pencils in, an eraser, and a brand new sketch book. I love that this one has handles! For a fun surprise, include something unexpected – like socks inspired by Mona Lisa or The Birth of Venus.

Spoil the spirits drinker in your life with an ice ball maker mold to freeze ice cubes in the perfect round shape for their whiskey. I'd also add in a pair of unique whiskey glasses, a whiskey tasting notebook, a whiskey guide, and, of course, a bottle of whiskey.

Which of these gifts would you love to give? ...And which would you love to receive?! ;)

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Camille said...

Oh that color at the top is amazing! Great gift guide! :)

Unknown said...

Excellent gift guide. I honestly think I'd want a little bit of everything, ha ha!

A Northern Light

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Thanks! I love a good raspberry/fuchsia hue. :)

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Right?! I think if I haaaaaad to choose... I'd go with the wine. ;)