Inspiration for My Midnight Blue Bedroom

A Beautiful Mess
I change my mind a lot. I know. Recently, I painted my brown bathroom a great charcoal. And I love it. I also love the other gray room in my house. But now with two gray rooms, I'm not so much feeling the gray bedroom idea I had going on. I mean, I still like the look... but I don't want three gray rooms. 

So on to Plan B: Midnight blue walls. I love the way a deep, dark blue not only contrasts lovely with white, but also brings out the beauty of wood and copper or bronze. 

I plan to:
  • Keep my mid-century modern dresser. It will be a tight squeeze in the cozy space, but the vintage silhouette will work great with the nightstands – and the dresser itself will provide much-needed storage space compared to switching to a tall, skinny chest of drawers. (...Besides, I'm trying to really "work with what I have" this year.)
  • Leave the headboard spray painted red. My grandma and mom convinced me. "It's soooo pretty red!"
  • Spray paint my black cage pendant lights copper, or more likely: antique brass.
  • Keep accessories minimal. Bring in a bit of vintage, a bit of copper or brass sheen, and some textures – like burlap, soft fleece, and gauzy curtains.
  • Track down and buy an old ladder – I'd love one for blanket storage without taking up too much valuable floor space. 

(Here's^ my original plan: gray walls, a new white dresser, and lots of vintage, cottagey touches.)

And here's some more inspiration for my midnight blue bedroom:

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LyndaKerry said...

Love a dark bedroom! Definitely dramatic and different :) Not every one would dare to paint the bedroom such a colour! Next time I renovate, I would definitely consider this :)

Unknown said...

I think I would like just ONE dark wall in bedroom for dramatic effect. :-)