Can't splurge on a Smeg appliance? Save on these more affordable options

Smeg. The word – err, the brand – pretty much sums up #HouseGoals for me. Show me a kitchen with one of those curvy, delightfully-colored, retro-inspired fridges and I'm instantly swooning. Brownie points if it's that lovely shade of minty blue-green. (image above via Design*Sponge)

But if you're a just-starting-out young professional like me – renting an apartment and strapped by a pretty tight budget – chances are good that Smeg appliances must remain a Pinterest-fueled daydream for now. 

Finding pretty appliances is just so hard though! Lucky for you, I've done some serious scavenging and tracked down some ways to bring a little color and retro style into your kitchen without going broke on beautiful Smeg-brand luxuries.

We'll start with the toaster. It's one of the most essential items in a kitchen – and for some reason, so many of them on the market are just plain ugly. I'm terribly smitten with the mint-, pink-, and cherry-hued toasters from Smeg – not so smitten with the price tag. $150 for a toaster?! 

Last year, I complained to my mom about how it's hard to find an attractive toaster. She gifted me with the turquoise Oster toaster. That $30 price tag is much easier to swallow – especially when Target frequently has them on sale. The toaster works great! And it's a pretty pop of turquoise on my counter.

Whether you live in a studio or just don't keep much in the fridge, a mini fridge is a viable space-saving (and often money-saving) option. And the bright red Smeg one is simply adorable! However, this Nostalgia Electronics one is cute, too – especially with a separate freezer and going for only $360 compared to Smeg's $1,000. 

My favorite Smeg appliance is their gorgeous fridge models. The retro silhouette can transform a kitchen from bland to vintage-fab. And while the colors are wonderful, I find myself drawn to the cream or black mainly for the versatility of color. But let's be honest, two or three thousand is a bit too steep for my fridge-buying aspirations. Big Chill has a nice option, too, but the price is right up there with Smeg. 

While browsing a Home Depot or Lowe's or Menards (can't remember which) a year or so ago, G and I stumbled upon a new fridge made by GE. We pretty much stood there and drooled over it – the clean lines, the subtle retro feel, the spacious interior, and the matching oven. And at about half the cost, the GE Artistry models are a great alternative. 

Let's face it: If you want a high quality, high style mixer... you're going to pay the big bucks no matter what. Aren't all of these pretty? I'm more into cooking vs baking, but looking at these almost makes me want to bake... ;)

Although the smaller kitchen items come with smaller price tags – that's still a bit more than I would want to pay for a blender or kettle. (Mainly because I don't use a blender very often, so I don't need a really fancy one. And I'm partial to the old-fashioned ritual of a stove-top kettle.) 

*Note: Prices vary on all these items. I just included the most common cost I found. 

Are you obsessed with Smeg appliances, too?


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I too love Smeg. <3

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