Which of PPG's 2016-17 paint color trends is your fave?

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I get pretty excited every year when decor forecasters and paint companies announce their color trends for the year. Do I ever really follow the trends and incorporate them just because they're trendy? Nah, not really. I tend to decorate with the colors I love – regardless of "popularity" status. But boy do I love waiting to find out if one of my beloved colors ends up on a list! 

I was a little disappointed by the Pantone reveal earlier this year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. I like to see these colors together – like, in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, for instance. But I'm not a big fan of wearing or decorating with pink. And the Serenity is a little too close to a legit periwinkle for my taste. 

Anyway, PPG piqued my interest with their Odyssey Global Color and Design Trends for 2016-2017. Here are palettes:

When you put "I'm Perfect" and "imperfect" together, you get I/M Perfect – a palette that's perfect in its imperfections. I really love these colors and how they remind me of a lovely, time-worn cottage. Plus, I'm always a sucker for pairing red and green together in a non-Christmasy way.

My eyes widened when I clicked to this palette – and I suddenly felt very, very at home. These colors get me. PPG gets me. Needless to say, this palette is my fave. I love the peacock blue that's almost-but-not-quite turquoise, the dark but warm charcoal, and that juicy shade of rich orchid. Throw in some orange and you'd pretty much have my living room's color scheme.

I found it a bit interesting that a pale blue and pale pink popped up on this palette. The idea is similar to Pantone's Serenity and Rose Quartz, but (at least for me) these pastels are so much more livable. The Geyser blue has more green in it – and reminds me of sea glass. And the Winter Peach is warmer and less cloyingly sweet. Oh, and I adore the idea of grounding them with a dark gray, chocolate brown, and ivory. Lovely. 

Last but not least, PPG predicts that the grays we love so much are here to stay. I actually considered Shining Armor back when I was picking out a gray! (I went with their Antique Silver instead – both are great grays!) I like this combination of neutrals – black, charcoal, gray, brown, and white – but I think I'd have to throw in a pop of color if this were my space. ;)

Learn more about the palettes and how PPG chose them here.

Your turn! 
Which of these palettes most closely matches your color choices?
Which one would you really like to try out in your space?
Which one (if any) is a no-go? Why?

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Sara de Fountain said...

I love the Mediterranean Blue from the Hyper HD palette. Actually, I painted my bedroom with a similar color last year and it makes me feel so confy and relax when I am on it.