My New Stay Fresh Essential: Dove Dry Spray

So excited to partner with Dove in spreading the word about their Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant

My love for Dove is no secret. Their soap bar is always in my shower and it's my go-to for washing my sensitive face. So I jumped at the chance when Dove invited me to #TryDry – as in, try out their award-winning Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant in my beauty routine.

You might not think of your antiperspirant as a beauty item, but it's definitely part of mine. If I had to leave the house with only three beauty items on... it'd be: antiperspirant, mascara, and a bold lipstick. In that order.

The verdict on Dove Dry Spray? Smitten.

Here's why Dove Dry Spray is now a staple on my bathroom vanity and a must-have in my purse:

1. Moisturizing 
Because of my dry, sensitive skin, I've struggled with a lot of deodorants and antiperspirants. Dry, itchy underarms are distracting, embarrassing, and just plain uncomfortable. Dove is a brand I can rely on to moisturize and take care of my skin. And the Dove Dry Spray does not disappoint. All of that signature 1/4 moisturizing care that I expect from Dove is packed into the dry spray, too – meaning softer, smoother underarms and a comfortable, more confident me.

2. Time-saving
When I'm rushing around in the morning or on the go, every little second saved helps. This isn't your typical "spray" antiperspirant. It's dry spray. It boasts an instantly dry application. No fanning my underarms to get them dry. No waiting to get dressed. 

3. Worry-free
I'll admit it: sometimes a girl gets a bit sweaty. And sometimes, the more I worry about sweat... the more I perspire! It's a vicious, sweaty cycle. Dove Dry Spray has me covered with 48-hour odor and wetness protection. So odor and wetness are two things I can forget about whether I'm at the office or running around town all day. And since it goes on dry with no visible residue, I don't have to worry about my antiperspirant making an appearance when going sleeveless!

Bonus Reason: It smells so fresh and lovely! I have a picky nose. (I'm the person in the deodorant aisle spending a good fifteen minutes picking out a fragrance. I ended up with the Cool Essentials scent. "Cooling and watery notes of freshly cut cucumber, green tea, and melon are combined with fresh floral notes to give it a vibrant and refreshing scent." It smells like springtime! Next on my list to try? The Soothing Chamomile, which my store was out of but I'll be on the hunt for!

Now it's your turn to give the latest
beauty trend a spin and #TryDry! 

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