Style How-To: Dress Your Glasses Up (and Down)

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I basically live in my glasses. They're my favorite fashion and beauty accessory. I often wake up and plan my entire outfit and makeup look around what pair of specs I want to wear that day.
And if you've followed me for any amount of time on Instagram, you're probably no stranger to posts like this declaring just how much I adore my four-eyes:

Exhibit A: I love simple, chic glasses with a dark, bold lip color (like black cherry). Exhibit B: I love big, bold glasses with simple makeup and a dressed up look for work. Exhibit C: I really love color coordinating everything... glasses, mug, and attire! Exhibit D: And, of course, I dress them down. All the way down. Comfy cat pajamas down. (I'll admit that my kitties appreciate this look more than my bf does. Heh.)

I get asked a lot in person and on Instagram how I manage to find frames that flatter my face. And I'll be honest: It's not always easy. Out of the ten(ish) pairs of glasses stored in my vanity, there are a couple pairs that rarely see the outside world. The shape or size just didn't turn out to be flattering or comfortable.

Nowadays, I mostly know what works for my face. It just took some practice and fails.

But you can get the perfect pair of glasses without all the guesswork! 

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As you start planning your selfie entry and daydream about spending $250 on some fab new frames... I dare you to also think about how you'd glam your glasses up. Because glasses enjoy special occasions, too!

I was swooning over the bespectacled ladies I saw on the Oscars Red Carpet this year. Kate Winslet and Patricia Arquette looked gorgeous and glamorous in their glasses and gown combinations. But the trend isn't just limited to that red carpet event. Rashida Jones, Kara Tointon, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt have all shown up clad in pretty dresses and fabulous frames.

But dressing up your glasses isn't just a style dare limited to celebs. With some weddings and parties coming up, I'm jumping on this bespectacled bandwagon, too! (And so should you!)

I've picked five of my favorite pairs of glasses and created two ensembles for each pair: one dressed up outfit for a special occasion, and one dressed down outfit for day-to-day life.

Which one is your favorite?

These four gorgeous pairs of glasses are all actual VSP frames!
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Check out this video for more info:

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Hy Jess, Many thanks for this Tips.. Love this blog..

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