Decorating my Foyer with Kirkland's Flea Market Collection

The Lovely Side is excited to partner with Kirkland's for this post!

It's official: I'm about 99.9% moved into our lovely old house! And while I'm spending most of my spare time trying to get things unpacked, I can't resist doing a little decorating... starting with the foyer!

I want the foyer to be a balanced but eclectic mix of Victorian character, vintage charm, rustic touches, and timeworn flea market finds.

The bad news: Flea markets haven't quite started up around here yet. And even if they had, I wouldn't have the time to go scavenge them. (Ugh, unpacking.)

The good news: Kirkland's Flea Market Collection fits the style I'm aiming for perfectly. I can scavenge the flea market inspired finds online from the comfort of my home... and have them delivered to my front door.

To keep my vision in mind and decorating on track, I put together the below inspiration board, which combines the foyer's existing features, some of my already-owned items, and my new Flea Market Collection finds from Kirkland's.

Foyer Inspiration

Color Scheme: Red, Ivory, Turquoise, Yellow, Green
Style Goals: Flea Market Finds + Timeworn Charm

1. Green Walls: The walls are painted a nice shade of green, which I like enough not to repaint.

2. Oil Rubbed Bronze Pendant Chandelier: The existing overhead lighting in the room will stay.

3. Antique Radiators: I love radiator heat. And I love that our antique radiators are painted gold.

4. Yellow Coat Tree: I've had this coat tree (which I spray painted yellow) for a few years now, but now it will really get to live up to its purpose! Plus, it brings in a cheery pop of sunshiny color.

5. Underwood Typewriter: In my previous apartment, I displayed all my typewriters in one place. Here, I'd like to disperse them throughout the house. And I think my big, antique Underwood will be a great conversation piece in the foyer.

6. Chalkboard Easel: What says "flea market" better than an adorable chalkboard easel like this one from Kirklands.com? I've always wanted one of these! It'll be perfect for writing inspiring quotes for the day-to-day and welcome messages for housewarming guests. I imagine getting so much use out of this cute little blackboard!

7. Ornate Vintage Ivory Picture Frame: One of my goals for this house is to sprinkle photos of G and me throughout the rooms. I love the femininity and bit of Victorian frill that this Kirkland's vintage-inspired ivory picture frame contributes to the space.

8. Red Milk Can Metal Vase: Whenever I'm browsing flea markets or antique stores, I spend a few minutes eyeing the old milk cans. As a born-and-raised Iowa girl, I just think they're so darn cute and "farm chic." So I couldn't turn down this perfectly distressed red milk can vase from Kirkland's.

9. Rustic Accent Lighting: The overhead pendant chandelier is fine, but accent lighting is a must in any room... even the foyer! I don't have a lantern just like this one (yet), but I plan to use a lamp with a rustic look or galvanized metal details.

10. Turquoise Waterfall Desk: This is one of the first things I ever bought from an antique store. (I was still living with my parents!) I wasn't sure where to go with it, but fits perfectly into the stair nook in the foyer! That makes me one happy decorator. :)

11. Red and Cream Striped Runner: This rug's stripes add the perfect dose of pattern, and the red matches the milk can vase!

To shop these products and more from the Flea Market Collection, click the styleboard below:

Now, it's time to show you how all these items actually look in my foyer!

Foyer Reveal

Oh, I forgot to mention that the foyer has a really cool wall-mounted, antique oil lamp. 

Yes, that's Dahlia lurking at the top of the stairs. I didn't even know she was spying on me!

Remaining To-Do's

It's looking good, right?! Still, I have a few more things to do to get the look just right.
  • Add another identical striped runner, to extend in front of my turquoise desk.
  • Find some pretty artwork to hang near the coat tree and complement the red + yellow + green + turquoise color scheme.
  • Locate and unpack whichever moving box contains my chalk, so I can write a lovely message on the chalkboard.
  • Pick out a photo for that pretty ivory picture frame.
  • And lastly, that red milk can vase is crying out for a spray of flowering branches or cotton stems.

Any other ideas?

Stay tuned... I didn't just decorate my foyer with items from Kirkland's Flea Market Collection. I also incorporated some great finds into my living room and kitchen! I'll be sharing my living room inspiration board, Kirkland's decor, and progress on Monday!

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